Issue 37

Rick glares at Adam as he's led out of The Sanctuary. "You've caused Rachel to die, Adam. You've fucked up." Rick says to Adam. Adam looks up at his father, and begins to cry. Rick cries as he hugs his son. Negan and the other saviors looks as the two begins to walk away. Lilly runs up to Rick. "Negan wants you to have this back." Lilly says to Rick as she gives Rick his revolver back. Lilly walks into The Sanctuary as Negan watches Rick and Adam walk away. "You should come back inside." Dwight says to Negan. "If we were to go to war with them, spare them from death, even if they attack you. Wound then minorly, and have them here. I know that he's went through a lot of shit." Negan says to Dwight.

Samuel is treated with medical care by Denise as a guard walks in. "Samuel, Tyler is going to take up your position as top guard." Blake says to Samuel. "Let him then." Samuel says to Blake.

Tyler looks down his sniper rifle as several more walkers begins to arrive at the safe-zone. He quickly kills the invasive walkers as Rick and Adam arrives. "Where's Rachel?" Tyler asks Rick. "She went out to try to supposely protect me, but she got herself killed by walkers." Rick answers to Tyler. "Damn." Tyler says to Rick as he's sadden. Rick and Adam enters their house as Rachel's backup rifle lays on her old bed. "I'm going to lie about Rachel's death to avoid more backlash. Say anything about her true cause, and I'll be having the both of us leave here, and to never come back. Do you understand me, Adam?" Rick asks Adam. Adam begins to cry. "You need to grow up now. Be responsible now. Rachel's blood is on you now. If you're going to cry as an excuse, then I'll ignore your feelings. I love you too much to let you get yourself killed. You need to realize that everything has a consequence. Eugene died because of you. Brady died because of you. I've even almost died because of you." Rick says to Adam.

Rosita watches Sophia sleep as someone begins to knock on her door. Rosita opens the door, and sees Rick standing in the door way. "I need to tell you something that you should do for this colony." Rick says to Rosita. Rosita notices that something major has occured. "What's happened?" Rosita asks Rick. "Andrea and Eugene are dead because of Adam's mistake. He went into The Saviors' base, and tried to attack it's leader, but failed. I need you to try to take up leadership here. I'll assist you, but you'll need to put in effort to lead here. If not, then I'll control both communities, and we'll go after The Saviors." Rick answers to Rosita. "I'll try to take up leadership here." Rosita says to Rick. Rick smiles as Rosita reveals to him that she's pregnant. "It'll be born in about 5 months." Rosita says to Rick.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Sophia
  • Rosita Espinosa
  • Samuel
  • Denise Cloyd
  • Dwight
  • Negan
  • Lilly
  • Tyler
  • Blake
  • The Saviors


  • None


  • Rosita's baby is confirmed to be a baby boy when it gets born.

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