Issue 39

Eric begins to chase after Sylvester until Paul slices him in half. "Sylvester, get to safety." Paul says to Sylvester. Conner tackles Paul, and begins to punch him in the face.

Logan begins to shoot at Tyler and Adam as they hide in Rick's house.

Samuel and Denise runs into the medical closet, and hides as a savior begins to ransack the infirmary. Samuel pulls out his pistol, and gets out of cover, and shoots the savior in the head, who is revealed to be Logan.

Joseph gets impaled with a pike by a savior Joseph manages to shoot the savior in the head before getting attacked by a zombie.

Paul begins to beat in Conner's face, killing him.

Brian looks outside of the armory as the ambush continues. A zombie grabs him, and bites into his shoulder. The zombie gets stabbed in the head by Francine. "" Francine says to Brian. "Please....put me down." Brian says to Francine, who pulls out her pistol, and kills Brian out of mercy.

The remaining saviors gets killed off by Samuel, Paul, Tyler, Aaron, Heath, and Adam as Rick arrives back at the safe-zone.

Devin hides inside of an outhouse as the other saviors are killed off.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Aaron
  • Heath
  • Sylvester
  • Joseph
  • Anthony
  • Hughes
  • Francine
  • Brian
  • Samuel
  • Denise Cloyd
  • Paul Monroe
  • Devin
  • Conner
  • Eric
  • Logan
  • Tyler
  • Alexandria Safe-Zone survivors
  • The Saviors


  • Eric
  • Logan
  • Joseph
  • Conner
  • Brian
  • Several unnamed saviors


  • Several more saviors are confirmed to appear in the next issue.
  • The next issue is confirmed to focus on Negan's reaction to Conner disobeying his order.

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