Issue 40

Heath looks as Calvin spots Devin at one of the outhouse. "Tie him up to a chair in the warehouse." Heath says to Calvin.

Negan looks as a wounded savior arrives back from the Alexandria Safe-Zone. "Conner made us fight the survivors. Devin is still alive, but he's in trouble. I thought that we were supposed to follow your orders. That's why I didn't kill any of them, but Adam shot me." Seth says to Negan. "Go to the infirmary." Dwight says to Seth. Dwight looks as Lilly, Jared, Salazar, and Riley talks about their supply run, and enters back into Negan's office, and closes the door. "Does this news mean that Conner is dead?" Bruce asks Negan. "Yes." Negan answers to Bruce. "What will we do about it?" Dwight asks Negan. "We'll arm up, and confront Rick and the others." Negan answers to Dwight.

Paul, Rick, Adam, Aaron, Francine, Kal, Tyreese, and Samuel arrives at a private community called The Kingdom. "The leader is Ezekiel." Kal says to Rick. Two men on horseback arrives at the survivors' location. "Who's there....Jesus! Welcome back!!!" Sampson yells for Paul. "Yeah. We need to talk to Ezekiel." Paul says to the two. "He's at the main entrance still. Earl gave him a message about your arrival. Who's the new survivors?" Bob asks Paul. "I'm Rick Grimes, the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. These are Adam, my son, Aaron, one of the recruiters, and Francine and Samuel, two of my guards." Rick answers to Bob. Kenny and Marcus rides by the survivors, and enters the woods.

Negan walks up to Jared. "Make sure you check up on Seth." Negan says to Jared.

Tyler squats down, and begins to pour a large bucket of freezing cold water onto Devin's head. Devin wakes up, and coughes as Tyler smirks at him. "Tell me why did you and the others attack here." Tyler says to Devin. "Conner went against Negan's orders. I was confused with his actions. I ran to one of the outhouses to hides from the gunfight. I want to live, and Conner nearly costed my life. I hope that a war doesn't break out because of this." Devin says to Tyler.

Rick walks into The Kingdom, and sees Luke and Richard standing at the gate as Ezekiel walks towards him. "I'm King Ezekial, and I'm the leader of The Kingdom." Ezekiel says to Rick. "Nice to meet you." Rick says to Ezekiel.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Aaron
  • Heath
  • Francine
  • Samuel
  • Paul Monroe
  • Dwight
  • Devin
  • Bruce
  • Kal
  • Tyreese Williams
  • Negan
  • Lilly
  • Tyler
  • Calvin
  • Seth
  • Jared
  • Salazar
  • Riley
  • Sampson Lucas
  • Bob Stookey
  • Kenny
  • Marcus Ingalls
  • Luke
  • Richard
  • Ezekiel
  • Alexandria Safe-Zone and The Kingdom survivors
  • The Saviors


  • None


  • Several of the characters are confirmed to go unknown.

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