Issue 6

Cliff looks outside of the RV's windows. Rachel looks at Cliff. "What's wrong?" Rachel asks Cliff. "I want to take up guard duty. I'll be willing to sacrifice myself to protect everyone here." Cliff answers to Rachel. "Why?" George asks Cliff. "I was the only one to survive a zombie attack at my house because the zombies were too busy eating up my wife and my sons." Cliff answers to George. Rachel looks as Bud sits next to Glenn as he drives the RV.

The group stops at a highway exit, and parks the RV. Bud and Glenn begins to laugh as they play with cards inside of the RV with Chris and George. Cliff, Rick, and Rachel walks outside. "Cliff, instead of taking up guard, would you want to go hunting with me and Adam?" Rick asks Cliff. "Sure." Cliff answers to Rick. Adam runs out of the RV as Carol walks out of it with Samantha and Sophia. "Rachel will take guard here as me, Samantha, and Sophia collect some water at the nearby riverbanks." Carol says to Rick. Rick kisses Carol. "I know about you and Douglas having a sexual affair, but I don't care about that because I love you too much to just leave you." Rick says to Carol. Rick, Cliff, and Adam walks into the forest with Cliff and Rick carrying their rifles as Adam has his pistol holstered.

Rachel looks as George walks out of the RV. "Where's Cliff?" George asks Rachel. "He's hunting with Rick and Adam." Rachel answers to George. "Alright." George says to Rachel before the two hears the other women scream. George runs after the women, and sees a zombie on top of Carol. Bud aims his rifle, and shoots the zombie in it's head. "Get back to the RV! I'll hold the other zombies." George says to the women. As George kills most of the zombies, a crawling zombie grabs his foot, and bites into his ankle. "Fuck!!!" George screams for help. Rachel watches through her scope in horror as the other zombies reaches George, and she begins to cry. The women enters the RV. Bud looks as George is missing. "Where's George?" Bud asks the women. Bud runs outside of the RV, and watches in horror as his friend is getting devoured by the zombies. Bud begins to cry as he hits his fists into the ground. Bud gets up as Rachel gets down from the RV. Bud scolds Rachel for not saving George. Bud and Rachel hears a gunshot from within the forest.

Cliff aims his rifle at a man as Rick picks up Adam, who was accidentally shot by the man. "Hey! Go to Hershel! He got a farm! He has medical supplies!!!" Otis yells for Rick. Rick runs through the forest while carrying Adam, and he arrives at the farm, and sees Hershel with one of his sons. "Arnold, grab the boy, and bring him to the bedroom." Hershel says to Arnold. Cliff holds Otis at gunpoint before Rachel and Bud arrives. "Where's Rick and Adam?" Rachel asks Cliff. "This clumsy bastard shot Adam, and his friend named Hershel gots a farm." Cliff answers to Rachel. Bud, Rachel, and Cliff brings Otis back to the RV. "You better lead this RV to the farm or you're a dead man, Otis." Cliff says to Otis.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Carol Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Glenn Rhee
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Chris
  • Samantha
  • Sophia
  • Cliff Tanis
  • Bud Tanner
  • George Macilner
  • Otis
  • Hershel Greene
  • Arnold Greene
  • Lacey Greene (Offscreen)
  • Renee Greene (Offscreen)
  • Susie Greene (Offscreen)


  • George Macilner


  • It's confirmed that Rachel will suffer a temporarily mental breakdown in the next volume.
    • This is due to her failing to save George from the zombies at the riverbanks.
  • It's confirmed that Lacey, Renee, and Susie appeared offscreen.

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