Issue 9

Rick looks out of the window as Lee and Bud begins to build the walls with Antwan and Frank. Rachel walks up to Rick. "What do you feel about this place?" Rachel asks Rick. "Maybe, we should pack up, and move on. Something seems off about this place. We met some of them, and some more of them hasn't came back from a supposed supply run. We should confront Treyson, and gets answers." Rick answers to Rachel. As Rick and Rachel walks to Treyson's room, they sees a hanging dead corpse of Treyson with a bullet wound to the head. Rick finds a pillow underneath the corpse. "One of them murdered Treyson." Rachel says to Rick. Rick walks to the window, and as he pulls his head out, Erron attempts to shoot Rick in the head. Rick gets back into the room. "Erron is the killer." Rick says to Rachel.

Maggie sits in the barn with Glenn. "I'm hope that your father decides to join the group once Rick and the others finds a new place to live at." Glenn says to Maggie. "I know." Maggie says to Glenn. Glenn moves his face close to Maggie, and kisses her on the cheek. Maggie stares at Glenn, and laughs at him. "What?" Glenn asks Maggie. "You've never kiss anyone, huh? I'll show you what a real kiss is." Maggie answers to Glenn before she makes out with him.

Samantha sleeps in the same bed as Billy as Sophia sleeps next to an unconscious Adam.

Rick and Rachel gives up on looking for Erron. Rick and the others packs up their stuff, and begins to leave the school. "Wait! Why are you leaving us behind?" Antwan asks Rick. "Come join us." Rick answers to Antwan. The survivors moves on past the school, and they come across King County. Antwan and the others moves into the police station. "Come back to us if you have any troubles." Frank says to Rick. Rick nods towards Frank as he returns to the RV. "Everyone, let's find another place." Rick says to the others before he spots Morgan exitting from his house. Rick walks up to Morgan. "Morgan?" Rick asks Morgan. Morgan stares at Rick with anger. "Keep walking. You should've came back before Duane turned." Morgan answers to Rick before returning to his house. Rick begins to cry after he found out about Duane's death.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Morgan Jones
  • Glenn Rhee
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Samantha
  • Sophia
  • Allen
  • Donna
  • Tommy
  • Billy
  • Cliff Tanis
  • Bud Tanner
  • Maggie Greene
  • Billy Greene
  • Julie Everett
  • Frank
  • Brandy
  • Ryker
  • Antwan Reed
  • Erron Jonas
  • Trent
  • Bruce
  • Tamara
  • Andy
  • Treyson Marcles (Corpse Only)


  • Treyson Marcles (Confirmed Fate)


  • It's confirmed that the Wiltshire Estates will appear in the next issue.

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