The reason this story hasn't continued is because I have no means of continuing it. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I have to cancel this story. If this story is to be finished DO NOT claim it as your own. I may not be able to finish this story, but it's still mine and mine only. Whoever finishes this story off, add yourself as an editor out to finish the author's work. Add a disclaimer at the beginning of each chapter stating that this story is mine. DO NOT create Season 2. Finish off Season 1 and leave it. If nobody wishes to finish it, delete it. Thank you guys for reading this story to the end of my career on here. Gonna miss it. You were all amazing. I love you all!

Your former co-leader and best friend JustSomeGuy23

Episode Info Pages

Spoiler Note: If anybody isn't caught up, do not access these pages. These pages contain plots of each episode of the story, character appearances, and character deaths. Any episode that hasn't been written yet has no info on their respective pages. Some pages may not be up to date.


Episode 1: A New Day - Complete

Episode 2: Starved For HelpComplete

Episode 3: Long Road AheadComplete

Episode 4: Around Every Corner - In progress

Episode 5: No Time Left - Coming Soon!


Mordecai as Lee Everett 

Vanellope von Schweetz as Clementine

Rigby as Kenny

Eileen as Katjaa

Rancis Fluggerbutter as Duck

Margaret as Lilly

Benson as Larry

Gloyd Orangeboar as Glenn

CJ as Carley

Don as Doug

Techmo as Mark

Thomas as Ben

Skips as Chuck

Hi Five Ghost as Omid 

Celia as Christa

Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun as Molly

Mr. Maellard as Vernon

Audrey as Brie

King Candy as Stranger

For a character list with statuses, click here


  • There are a few changes that have been made from the actual story of The Walking Dead game.
    • A change of characters.
    • Some character personalities.
    • Some character dialogue. 
    • Some relationships between different characters.
      • Larry and Lilly have a father-daughter relationship, while Benson (Regular Show character who has Larry's role). and Margaret (Regular Show character who has Lilly's role) are close friends who have known each other since before the outbreak. 
      • Kenny and Katjaa's son is Duck, where Rigby (Regular Show character who has Kenny's role) and Eileen (Regular Show chracter who has Katjaa's role) took in Rancis (Wreck-It Ralph character who has Duck's role) as an orphan after his parents had abandoned him. Yeah, I'm aware that Rigby and Eileen are in their 20s in Regular Show, but people in their 20s can be adoptive parents of a 9 year old child who was abandoned by their parents, if those people in their 20s know the family of the 9 year old child. 
      • Mordecai and Rigby are best friends in Regular Show, but in this story, they never knew each other prior to the outbreak.
      • Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph character who takes Hershel's role), and Vanellope (Wreck-It Ralph character who takes Clementine's role) are good friends in the actual movie, while in this story, they never knew each other. 
      • People often mistaken Clementine as Lee's daughter, while in this story, people mistaken Mordecai and Vanellope as siblings, even though Mordecai's a blue jay and Vanellope's a human.

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