Episode 1

Daniel looks at Brandon, who is aiming his rifle. "Daniel, what are you doing? Aim your rifle at them!!!" Brandon yells at Daniel. Daniel lifts his rifle, and aims at the bandits, who are equiped with blunt weapons.

Daniel spares the three bandits (Choice One)

"Drop your weapons, and surrender." Daniel says to the bandits. "We were planning on defending ourselves, but thank you for sparing us." The bandits says to Daniel. "Who are your names?" Brandon asks the bandits. "I'm Cory, and the two others are Brody and Alex." Cory answers to Brandon just before he and the two others runs away.

Daniel kills the three bandits (Choice Two)

Daniel begins to shoot each bandit in their heads. Brandon stands next to Daniel, and spits onto the corpses. "I never respected bandits." Brandon says to Daniel.

Despite what occurs, Daniel and Brandon arrives at a ski lodge nearby. Daniel looks at Brandon. "Hey! Go check the side of the lodge." Daniel says to Brandon. Daniel looks inside of the lodge, and sees a man and woman laughing as they sit on a couch. Daniel looks as two other women walks up to the couple. Daniel enters the lodge. Daniel looks as the survivors stands up, and stares at him. "Hello survivor. I'm Benjamin Wiles. I'm the leader of the Ski Lodge Community. This is my wife, Rosalie. These two women are Rebecca and Stacy. We have several others that are upstairs." Benjamin says to Daniel.

Daniel walks up to the window, and sees Brandon abandoning him. "You fucker..." Daniel says to himself about Brandon. Benjamin begins to walk up to Daniel. "You like the view of the area?" Benjamin asks Daniel. "Yes. Hopefully I can help build defenses for here." Daniel answers to Benjamin. "I want to show you around the lodge." Benjamin says to Daniel.

Daniel follows Benjamin as they begin to walk up the stairs. Daniel and Benjamin stops by a woman holding her daughter's head. "That's Bethany and her daughter, Callie. Callie had recently had a nervous breakdown, so she's watching her closely." Benjamin says to Daniel. Bethany stares at Daniel as he follows Benjamin to the planning room. Daniel looks as three survivors are writing down some blueprints. "Those are Seth, Burton, and TJ. They are a part of the construction crew. If you want, I'll stop the tour for a while, and allow you to chat with them." Benjamin says to Daniel. "I'd love to chat with them. Maybe I could be a part of the construction crew." Daniel says to Benjamin. Benjamin smiles at Daniel as he walks over to the three.

"Hey new guy. Don't think that we'll be nice to you on your first day here. We work in order to protect this community Benjamin is leading. Our jobs is to build and modify structures." Seth says to Daniel. "Chill out with the new guy." Burton says to Seth. "Stop calling him the new guy." TJ says to the two. TJ looks over towards Daniel. "What's your name?" TJ asks Daniel. "I'm Daniel Cooper, and I was a part of a moderate-sized group. I got lost, and I managed to find this place." Daniel answers to TJ. "Could I join the construction crew?" Daniel asks Seth. "Are you fit enough to join it? Based on what you look like, you'd better off start working out in the gym. Angela and Reese will help you with the workouts. Maybe you could be a supply runner, and find your group again. If you find your group, stay with them. We're already having to share too much food with each other." Seth answers to Daniel. "Sorry, bud. Rules are rules." Burton says to Daniel. TJ walks away from the room. Seth laughs. "TJ is such a mistake for our crew. He's too caring towards others. I don't like being a dick, but it's been helping me to quit thinking of what kind of world we live in now." Seth says to Daniel.

Daniel walks into the gym, and sees Angela and Reese does stretches. "Hello. Are you Angela and Reese?" Daniel asks the two. "Yes. We're those people." The two answers to Daniel. "Please tell me that you both aren't assholes like some of the others that I've met." Daniel says to the two. Reese walks out of the gym. "He's one of them, and what you said turned him off from being fitness today. I'm one of the nicer people here. I have a crush on TJ, but he doesn't know it. Anyways, what do you need?" Angela asks Daniel. "I would like to do some fitness." Daniel answers to Angela.

A mysterious man arrives at the ski lodge. Benjamin and another survivor notices the man. "Saul, can you check up on that survivor?" Benjamin asks Saul. "Yeah! I'll check up on him." Saul answers to Benjamin. Saul walks up to the survivor. "What's your name?" Saul asks the survivor. "I'm Josh Black. I'm so cold." Josh answers to Saul.

Daniel finishes the daily workout with Angela. Angela falls on top of Daniel as they're laughing really hard. Daniel looks into Angela's eyes. Angela smiles at Daniel just before getting off from him. Daniel grabs Angela's arm. "Do you want to hang out more?" Daniel asks Angela. "Sure." Angela answers to Daniel. Daniel watches as Angela walks away.

As Daniel heads to the stairs, a woman walks up to him. "Do you want me to show your room?" The woman asks Daniel. "Sure." Daniel answers to the woman. Daniel and the woman arrives at his room. "I'm Lia Porter. I've convinced Benjamin to allow you to live with me." Lia says to Daniel. "Why me?" Daniel asks Lia. "I...have a crush on you. I know that you want to go after Angela, but her and TJ would be a great couple. Us can be a great couple too. Please give our relationship a chance. I know that you barely know me, but I can see that you're a good person." Lia answers to Daniel.

Daniel gets into his bed, and looks up at the ceiling. Daniel looks as Lia gets into his bed. "You're too attracted to me or something. It too weird for me right now." Daniel says to Lia. Lia begins to grab Daniel's crotch. "I'll give you oral every night if you go out with me." Lia says to Daniel. "Sure. Tonight would be a good night of that, but not on every night." Daniel says to Lia.

The night goes by as TJ walks to one of the watchtowers. TJ looks as Seth and Burton are smoking weed. "Fucking losers." TJ says to himself about the two. Saul walks up to TJ. "Hey TJ." Saul says to TJ. "Hey." TJ says to Saul. "Is Nelson off guard duty tonight?" Saul asks TJ. "Yeah." TJ answers to Saul.

Nelson and Stacy walks past Josh's room as he head to his bed.

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