Episode 10

Daniel sets up a meeting in the house as Christopher packs his supplies up. "Dad, where are you going?" Billy asks Christopher. "Leaving everyone behind. I don't want to be around anyone anymore. Billy, be safe." Christopher answers to Billy before he gets into his car, and drives off the farm.

Andrea and Chase finds out that their father left everyone behind. "I understand what dad is doing." Andrea says to Chase.

Daniel calls in the other survivors. "Everyone, I have some news to tell everyone. Gear up because I've realized that we must declare war on the MacRoy Safe-Lands.

Stewie drinks some coffee as Tony and Jarrett, who is the scientist within the Safe-Lands, sits with him. "Jarrett, how is the project going?" Stewie asks Jarrett. "Well...things are bad. Really bad. No news on anything yet about the main project, though I've discovered an idea. Let's make zombie pits to have for the arena we have." Jarrett answers to Stewie. Stewie becomes interested in Jarrett's ideas as Tony exits from Stewie's house.

Chris cries as he watches as Sebastian places the rotten corpse of Emma into the farm's madeshift cemetery. Julie opens her pills, and begins to consider overdosing, but Chris and Sebastian walks in on her. Chris slaps the pills off from her hand. "Suicide is stupid." Chris says to Julie. "A daughter should bury their mother, not the other way around." Julie says to Chris. "Tony will die eventually." Chris says to Julie as they hug each other, crying.

Two hours later. Tony walks to the gate, and looks as there's no active guards. Andrea aims her sniper rifle at Tony's head, and as she shoots her rifle, Tony spots her. Tony is unable to react due to getting shot in the head. Andrea radios to Chris that Tony is dead. Andrea starts to get shot at. Billy pulls her away as four guards of the MacRoy Safe-Lands aims their rifles at them. "Hands up, assholes." The guards says to the two. "Fitz, Reggie, Merle, you three tie their hands together." The lead guard says to the three others before getting decapitated. "Harley!!!" Reggie yells for Harley before getting impaled with Benji's machete. Daniel shoots Merle in the head as Fitz surrenders. "I give up! Don't kill every guard. Some will help you. Stewie isn't one of my favorites. I'll prove that I'll be useful to you." Fitz says to Daniel. Daniel lowers his pistol. "Help us capture the good guards that you're talking about." Daniel says to Fitz. "Let me return to the Safe-Lands, and I'll convince them to join your group. There's a member of the inner circle. Jarrett is his name. He's a timid scientist that is forced by Stewie to do experiments for him." Fitz says to Daniel. Daniel lets Fitz run back towards the Safe-Lands. "Andrea, keep your aim on Fitz on if he goes by his word." Daniel says to Andrea.

Stewie realizes that Daniel and his group is now against the Safe-Lands. "They'll pay for what they've done."

Chase looks as Daniel and the others arrives with several new survivors. "Their names are Fitz, Jarrett, Carter, Boyd, West, Eastwood, Salazar, Alderson, Taggart, Noah, Sam, Travis, and Kentli." Daniel says to Chase.

Lawrence orders Dirk to send himself and several others to join Daniel's Group as they prepare for battle against the MacRoy Safe-Lands army. Art is shot in the head as Dirk and the others manages to escape the battle.

Raymond is shot in the head as several MacRoy Safe-Lands guards sneaks into the community. Jimmy and Sean are caught on fire by molotav cocktails thrown by the guards. Angela and Theodore shoots at the hostiles from within the house. Theodore is shot in the head by a guard. Angela gets in cover, and her left arm is shot off by Stewie. Stewie walks up to Angela, and executes her.

Dirk and his fellow survivors arrives, and assists the survivors in the battle against Stewie and his men. Stewie shoots Julie in the head, and shots Sebastian in the leg. Chris drags Sebastian away from the house, and takes cover behind some barricades. Stewie shoots Ben in the head as he tried to sneaks towards him.

Leon is shot in the head as him, Josh, Dwight, and Samuel proceeds to fall back. Samuel kneels down, and looks at his friend's corpse. Stewie, who is fully armored, walks up to Samuel. "Please....kill me." Samuel says to Stewie. "As you wish." Stewie says to Samuel before executing him.

Daniel and the others begins to retreat from the farm, and heads to a safe area to rest. Bethany holds onto Callie as she's crying. Chris arrives with a wounded Sebastian. "Can someone help him?" Chris asks the others.

Back at the farm, Nate is shot in the head as he's assisting the other escaping survivors. Randy, Keith, and Renee are executed by Stewie as him and his men clears out the now-abandoned farm community. Stewie hears news that Lawrence managed to escape.

Lawrence runs through the woods until he's rescued by Carson and his pet tiger, Lulu. "Come with us." Carson says to Lawrence. Lawrence follows Carson and Lulu to a military truck.

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