Episode 12

Daniel looks as Nathan drives back to the Safe-Zone with a lot of guns. Carson walks towards Nathan in shock. "Where did you find the weapons?" Carson asks Nathan. "The police station in Skandia. I came across two members of a hostile group called The Killers. I took their outfits, and left them to freeze. I spared them from dying from my new pistol because sometimes it's not needed." Nathan answers to Carson. Daniel walks up to Nathan. "The Farm Community fallen to an old enemy of ours. The main man named Stewie MacRoy was our enemy. I want to know if you still want to go after him." Daniel says to Nathan. "Let's focus on building morale around here." Nathan says to Daniel.

Bethany and Callie enters a house with TJ and Benji.

Jonas, Sturgess, Fitz, Josh, Eastwood, Greg, Scott, and several other guards begins to do target practice.

Sylvester, the leader of The Killers, discovers that there's a nearby community. "The Marquette Safe-Zone will fall to us eventually." Sylvester says to the other killers.

Chris, West, Boyd, Alderson, and Sam walks through the forest with Andrea and Billy. "Where are we going?" Alderson asks the others. "We're going to face against Stewie and his men once again. Since Nathan brought us the weapons and ammo we needed, we should ignite a fierce and deadly battle against them. Let's make sure none of us dies." Chris answers to Alderson.

Nathan looks as some of the guns and ammo are missing. "Someone took some of the guns and ammo." Nathan says to Daniel. Daniel noticed that Chris recently left with several others. "Shit! A few of our group members are going to launch an attack." Daniel says to Nathan.

Andrea aims down at Stewie and his men. Alderson, Chris, Sam, and Boyd advances as Billy and West serves as backup for Andrea. Alderson grabs the wire cutters, and cuts open the new fencing. Boyd kicks the fence pieces over, and enters first before getting shot in the head by one of the guards. Alderson is shot in the head with a sniper rifle. Chris and Sam are knocked out by Stewie and another guard. Stewie looks up at Andrea, Billy, and West, who are surrounded. "Let them go." Stewie says to the others.

After waiting at the gates, Daniel looks as Andrea, Billy, and West returns. Boyd and Alderson are dead, and Chris and Sam are captured." Billy says to Daniel before collapsing. Daniel looks as Billy was hiding a gunshot wound to the stomach. Andrea grabs her wounded brother. "Billy, don't die!!!" Andrea yells for Billy. "If you find dad, tell him that I get why he left us." Billy says to Andrea before dying. Several gunshots are heard at the front gate. Daniel looks as The Killers shoots Stewie in the head, and begins to hold Chris and Sam as their own hostages. "Get your leader out here!!!" Sylvester yells at Daniel. Carson exits the safe-zone with Lulu. Josh exits, and aims at The Killers. Nathan backs Josh up. "Calm down, Sylvester. Let the two innocent people go." Carson says to Sylvester. Sebastian looks as Sylvester decapitates Chris. "Dad!!!" Sebastian yells for his father as he begins to shoot at The Killers. "Fire!!!" Sylvester yells for his fellow killers as multiple bullets are followed.

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