Episode 13

Carson looks as Sylvester shoots Josh in the head. "Retreat inside!!!" Carson yells for the others before getting shot in the chest. Sylvester is shot in the shoulder by Nathan, who is forced to use Josh's corpse as a shield. A zombie arrives, and bites Brittany in the shoulder. "Sister!!!" Saul yells for Brittany. Sylvester and the killers retreats as zombies begins to arrive. Zombies begins to devour Carson as he's paralyzed due to the gunshot wound. Daniel looks as the zombies begins to push him and the others back into the safe-zone. Lulu begins to get attacked by zombies. "Lulu!!!" Daniel yells for Lulu, but watches in horror as the zombie rips her apart.

Andrea stabs the corpse of Billy in the head as Daniel returns inside.

Sam retrieves her katana, and sees the zombified head of Chris. "I'm sorry." Sam says to the zombified head of Chris before stabbing it in the head. Sam walks away.

West looks as a zombified Brittany is seen in the herd. West jumps down, and begins to try to lure the zombies away, but he gets bit in his shoulder. Travis jumps down, and begins to defend West, but he is in a struggle with a zombie. Jonas looks down at him. West begins to get devoured as Jonas is forced to make a decision as he jumps down.

Save Travis (Choice One)

Jonas shoots the zombie off from Travis. "Let's go into the woods." Jonas says to Travis before getting bit in the face by a zombie. Travis runs into the woods.

Leave Travis (Choice One)

Jonas ignores Travis, and leaves him to get devoured by the zombies.

Despite what occurs, Daniel and the other assumes that the two died.

Nathan looks as a zombie scratch is revealed on his shoulder. Dwight, Greg, and the others aims their weapons at Nathan. "Don't kill me just because it's a damn scratch." Nathan says to the others. Everyone lowers their guns. "We thought that it was a bite." Dwight says to Nathan.

Seth looks as Saul is putting his gun to his own head. "Saul...." Seth says to Saul, who then kills himself.

Kentli and Ramirez looks as the herd starts to move away from the safe-zone. "This is good." Kentli says to Ramirez.

A dying herd of cattle is revealed to be nearby as the herd is attracted to them. The zombified Brittany starts to roma away from the herd, and begins to devour on a corpse of a member of The Killers.

Sylvester walks to his house within The Killers' property, and begins to go to sleep as a hallucination of Carson walks towards him. "You are one of the evil people that shall die tomorrow from an unknown illness." The hallucination says to Sylvester before disappearing. Sylvester is worried that he and his group is cursed.

Daniel looks as several breaks into the safe-zone, which one of them bites into Scott's neck. Scott screams out as the zombies are devouring him. The survivors watches in horror as they see Scott getting devoured. Dwight shoots the zombies in their heads with his crossbow, and kills Scott out of mercy. "Daniel will take lead of this place now." Dwight says to the survivors.

The next day, it's revealed that the curse is occuring as a zombified Sylvester is seen with his fellow men, who are all zombified.

Richie and Clifton are revealed to not be affected by the curse as they left The Killers as they start building a house for several survivors. "Thanks for helping us. I'm Donald, and the others next to me are Grant, Bentley, Charles, and Mallory." Donald says to the two, who walks away.

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