Episode 14

Daniel looks as a part of the wall falls apart as the herd comes back at them. "Defend the perimeter!!!" Daniel yells at the others. Nathan and Andrea sees several zombies swarming Salazar who is at the gate. As Salazar screams as he's devoured by the zombies, Nathan puts him down.

Richie and Clifton hears the gunshots from near the Safe-Zone as Sam arrives towards them. "Help me take down the herd." Sam says to the two. "Alright." Richie says to Sam.

Eastwood catches on fire as several killers are revealed to have sneaked in. Daniel shoots one of the killers in the head before gets his arm cut open by another killer, who is killed by Dwight.

Jarrett runs to a house, and gets impaled with a machete wielding killer. Jarrett gets his throat slit by the same killer. "Monte, let's hurry." The killer says to Monte. "Alright, Atticus." Monte says to Atticus.

Monte grabs Jarrett's pistol, and as he exits from the building, he shoots Andrea in the head. Chase slices off Monte's hands off as Greg shoots Atticus in the head. Chase decapitates Monte as Greg puts Jarrett down.

Daniel and Dwight enters one of the nearby houses, and Dwight bandages Daniel's arm up. Dwight notices that Daniel's arm is getting infected. Dwight then proceeds to amputate Daniel's arm. Daniel passes out due to the blood loss.

Nathan looks as two killers aims at him. Nathan is shot in the leg by one of the killers just as zombies begins to attack the two killers. Nathan crawls towards a nearby dumpster, and as the zombies goes towards him, he uses a corpse of a dead survivor as bait for the zombies as he crawls under the dumpster. Nathan cries as he's trapped.

Sam looks at the walls begins to fall apart. "Let's move on. Everyone's doomed." Sam says to the two.

Dwight brings Daniel into the bathroom. As he closes the door, a zombie bites him in the neck. Dwight falls down as he becomes too weak to move as the zombies begins to bite into his spinal cord.

TJ, Benji, Andrea, and Brian discovers a sewer, and begins to escape from the safe-zone as they travel through the sewers.

Seth discovers another sewer entrance, and jumps down it, and he discovers a rocket launcher. "Nice..." Seth says to himself about the new discovery.

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