Episode 2

Daniel wakes up as Lia is laying on his chest. "Wake up, Lia." Daniel says to Lia. Lia begins to open her eyes, and gets off the bed. Daniel begins to get some clothes on, and as he gets ready to leave the room, Lia kisses Daniel on his cheek. "Be careful." Lia says to Daniel.

Daniel suits up for a solo supply run. Seth walks up to Daniel. "I hope that you come back safely. I'm sorry about how I treated you. Josh, the other new survivor, brought us a lot of supplies alongside gardening supplies, so we're not starving anymore. I hope that you can accept my apology." Seth says to Daniel. Daniel smiles at Seth just before leaving.

Lia looks as Daniel walks away from the lodge. Rebecca walks up to her. "Lia, can you help me with the new garden that we have?" Rebecca asks Lia. "Yes." Lia answers to Rebecca.

Saul is writing down something into his notebook as three armed men enters the lodge. Saul aims his rifle at the men. "Put your weapons down or I'll call in security." Saul says to the men. "Chill! We're friendly survivors. Is this the ski lodge community that I've seen road signs about?" The survivor asks Saul. "Yes." Benjamin answers to the survivor as he walks down the stairs. "I'm Dwight Horseman, and these are my younger brother; John and Eddie." Dwight says to Benjamin. Three guards grabs their weapons. "Benji, Jonas, and Brian are bringing your weapons to the armory. My son will be down here soon." Benjamin says to the newcomers just as Ron, who is Benjamin and Rosalie's son, walks down the stairs. "Come with me." Ron says to the newcomers.

Daniel looks as he arrives at his old camp. Daniel enters his tent, and gathers his supplies. As he exits from the tent, a zombie begins to attack him. Daniel quickly kicks the zombie off from him, and he stabs the zombie in its head. Daniel hears sounds coming from the forest.

Daniel looks as a zombie is devouring on a corpse of a former member of Daniel's Group. Daniel shoots the zombie in the head. "Denny, I'll make sure that you don't turn." Daniel says to Denny's corpse before stabbing it in the head.

Seth walks to Josh's room, and sees him reading his bible. Seth smiles at Josh as he walks past him. Seth walks into his room, and cries as he looks at a picture frame of him and his family.

Daniel begins to search around his old camp just before he comes across a zombified former member of his group. "Jessie?" Daniel asks the zombified Jessie. As Daniel aims his rifle at the zombified Jessie, he realizes that there's a herd behind her zombified self. Daniel begins to run away just before he could be noticed.

On the road, Daniel finds the corpse of fellow survivor Burton being devoured by several zombies. As he begins to walk backwards, Brandon grabs him, and pulls him off from the road. "Let's get going." Brandon says to Daniel. "I'm a member of the lodge, and I want you to come." Daniel says to Brandon. Brandon reloads his gun. "I'm not going to there." Brandon says to Daniel.

Daniel kills Brandon

As Brandon begins to walk away, Daniel pulls out his rifle, and shoots Brandon in the head.

Daniel lets Brandon go

Daniel watches as Brandon walks away from him. "Brandon is going to regret this choice. The next time I see him is going to result in him being a dead man." Daniel says to himself about Brandon.

Regards of what Daniel does, he returns to the lodge, and informs Nate, Marshall, and Sturgess, who are the entrance guards, about Burton's death at the hands of the zombies.

Benjamin hears about Burton's death, and calls Jared, a member of the community, into his office. "Jared, I'm declaring that you're replacing Burton's former position of being one of the head construction crew leaders." Benjamin says to Jared.

TJ walks in on Seth drinking alcohol in his room. "Seth! You can't get drunk!!!" TJ yells at Seth. "I told Burton to go to the woodshop alone without me, and he died. It was my fault to tell him. I want you to take my position. I'll have the new survivor, John, take my job." Seth says to TJ.

Daniel sits on his bed as Lia comforts him. "Seeing my old camp as overrun with zombies makes me wonder if I'll ever find the others." Daniel says to Lia.

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