Episode 4

Daniel gathers Benji, Samuel, Seth, and Dwight to a meeting about the upcoming Sandler Family Farm Scout Mission.

Brian walks up to Gus, and executes him under the orders of Daniel.

Angela enters the gym alone, and realizes that she has no daily workout partner. TJ walks into the gym. "I'll help you." TJ says to Angela. Angela smiles at TJ. "I can't believe that several important people here are gone. I can't believe that Daniel is leader while Benjamin resigned and died." Angela says to TJ as she begins to have tears go down her face. TJ wipes the tears, and he kisses her. Angela begins to get on top of TJ as they begin to makeout. Bethany walks by the gym, and shuts the door to give them privacy. 

After the meeting, Daniel walks to his room, and sees Lia looking at some of her photos. "My father was a member of this place until a zombie bit on his chest. He was the first member of this community to die. His name was Charles. He was one of the original members. I was hanging out with Ron, Seth, Reese, Jonas, and Burton up here while Benjamin and Rosalie would be in the main floor, making plans for the community. Charles was saving Bethany and Callie from the zombies during the winter season, and that's when some of us got rude to newcomers." Lia says to Daniel. "I was in a group of about 100 people. We all started at a mall, and as things got bad, me and the other remaining 24 survivors moves on out as most of the place was full of our dead members. I took up leadership, and the others must've got attacked while me and my friend Brandon were out on a scouting run. That's my story." Daniel says to Lia. "Did you have any kids or had a girlfriend before the apocalypse?" Lia asks Daniel. "I had an ex-girlfriend, but she was the first zombie that I killed. I don't have kids, but I'd like to have some." Daniel answers to Lia. 

Benji, Samuel, Seth, and Dwight wonders through the forest as they walk to the farm community. "Benji, have you ever got a hangover?" Samuel asks Benji. "No." Benji answers to Samuel. "One time during my senior year in college, there was this one woman named Carley. She was one sexy bitch. I must've had a hangout because I woke up with her laying on top of me. My friend Conrad posted the picture of it, and we both decided to start a family. She ended up dumping me for some lunatic asshole." Samuel says to Benji. The survivors arrives at the farm, and sees a young man(Chase) and woman(Andrea) walk up to the gate armed with sniper rifles. "What do you survivors want?" Andrea asks the survivors. "We want to talk to the leader about an agreement with our community's leader." Seth answers to Andrea. "You better know that you're talking about my father." Chase says to Seth. Andrea and Chase's younger brother, Billy, arrives with his assault rifle. "Dad says to let them in." Billy says to Andrea. "Chase, could you open the gate?" Andrea asks Chase. Chase opens the gate as the survivors enters the community. Chase closes the gate as Andrea and Billy follows the survivors to Christopher, who is sitting on the front porch of the farmhouse. "Who's the current leader of the Ski Lodge Community?" Christopher asks the survivor. "Daniel Cooper is. Benjamin resigned, and was killed during a bandit attempted to kill all of us. We would like to form an alliance, and if one of the communities were to collapse, then the other community would take in the remaining survivors." Benji answers to Christopher.

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