Episode 5

A new survivor walks through the woods as he's armed with his sniper rifle with a detachable scope. The survivor looks into his notebook, and his name is revealed to be Nathan DeVries.

Brandon wasn't killed in Episode 2 by Daniel

Brandon's corpse is discovered by Nathan on an open parking lot.

Brandon was killed in Episode 2 by Daniel

Nathan discovers a corpse of a survivor that's holding an empty bottle of water.

Despite what Nathan discovers, he arrives at at the ski lodge community, and accidentally bumps into Saul. Saul looks at Nathan. "Welcome to the ski lodge community." Saul says to Nathan.

Daniel looks as Lia checks a pregnancy test just as Josh walks up to Daniel. "We got a new survivor." Josh says to Daniel. Daniel looks as Nathan walks up the stairs. "Saul told me to come up here to meet you. I'm Nathan DeVries. I was alone out there for too long." Nathan says to Daniel as the messengers returns. "They declined the offer." Seth says to Daniel. "Well, we gave it a shot." Daniel says to Seth.

Christopher looks as Andrea sits on the couch, angry at his decision to decline the survivors' offer. "This is my farm, Andrea. You should know that I'd love to accept that, but these people could ruin the symbol of our family. We need this farm to stay the same as it has." Christopher says to Andrea. "Yeah...if they get attacked, we shall leave them in a death sentence of being out there? You'll have that blood on your hands when it's your time to go to heaven, dad." Andrea says to Christopher. Christopher begins to regret his decision, but he walks to his crops, and he cries as he realizes that he's made the wrong decision.

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