Episode 6

Daniel stands on top of a disabled tank as he makes an annoucement to several of the survivors. "We are going to make a change to this community. We are going to set up another secondary settlement. Seth will be the leader of it, but I'm the overseer of it. I'm declaring that half of our population will make there. This is to ensure that if one place is attack that we can have a backup place." Daniel says to the others.

Few weeks before the present day, Daniel looks as an expansion occured with many new survivors into the community. "Can't believe that we have to wait for 9 months, and then our child is born." Lia says to Daniel. "I can't believe it either." Daniel says to Lia.

Present day, Lia lays on the bed as Theodore checks up on her baby. "The baby is healthy, Lia. You, however, need to eat more healthier. What you eat or drink goes into the baby." Theodore says to Lia. "Is it a boy or girl?" Lia asks Theodore. "We can't tell until the baby is born." Theodore answers to Lia.

Daniel gathers some volunteers for a mission that has to do with gathering multiple zombies. "We are going to bring the zombies to a large empty plot that I've discovered before."

Two days before the present day, Daniel hears a walkie talkie response from Samuel. Daniel heads to Samuel's location, and sees Leon and Josh stabbing multiple crawling zombies in their heads. "Leon showed me and Josh while we were exploring." Samuel says to Daniel.

Present day, Nathan enters a car with Saul and his sister, Brittany. "Nathan, I want you to know that you better watch for Brittany for me if anything happens to me." Saul says to Nathan. "Nothing's gonna happen to you, so chill." Nathan says to Saul.

Nate, Benji, and Troy follows Daniel, Samuel, Leon, and Josh. "We'll watch out for the plan to be in place." Leon says to the others.

Seth drives his motorcycle in front of Saul, Nathan, and Brittany, who are all in the car. "Daniel, how more far do we have?" Seth radios to Daniel. "A few miles." Daniel radios back to Seth.

A zombie grabs Troy, and bites into his face. Troy screams as he falls to the ground. Daniel tries to calm Troy down, but his screaming begins to lure some of the zombies on the road to come towards them. Daniel is then forced to kill Troy out of mercy.

Seth discovers zombies devouring on the corpse of a member of the community. Seth shoots the zombies in their heads, and walks over to the corpse. "You should've stayed close to the others, Winston." Seth says to Winston's corpse before putting him down before getting back on his motorcycle.

Two survivors stabs several wandering zombies in there heads. "Everyone, be careful." Brian says to the others. "Why aren't we killing those zombies?" A survivor asks Brian. "Daniel has a plan for those zombies. Stick with the plan, Zach." Brian answers to Zach. Zach looks at his twin brother. "Logan, go far in the forest to kill any wandering zombies." Zach says to Logan. Logan starts to run further in the forest. "TJ, go after Logan." Brian says to TJ. "If TJ or Logan are killed, there will be some consequences." Dwight says to Zach.

Logan arrives at a base of a small gang. TJ tackles Logan. "Stay down, and let's head back." TJ says to Logan. "I'm afraid that you both ain't going anywhere except if you want us to quickly make you both into zombies. I'm Carlton Phelps, and my gang will not tolerate trespassers." Carlton says to the two before knocking them out. "Bucky and Bidwell, carry the two into the bar's back room. We'll host them as our prisoners." Carlton says to the two. "Lewis and Calvin, take guard for us." Bucky says to the two.

Morris and Carley, two members of Carlton's Gang, discovers the ski lodge community. "Let's bring the news to Carlton." Morris says to Carley. "Why can't we just leave the gang, and be gone from them for good." Carley says to Morris. Xander and Mark, who are two other members of the gang, arrives. "Morris, want us to tell Carlton about our discovery?" Xander asks Morris. "Sure." Morris answers to Xander. Carley stares up at Morris in disgust as Xander and Mark walks away. "Now we can leave." Morris says to Carley before Morris snipes Xander and Mark in their heads. Carley kneels on the ground, crying. "The zombies will get here soon. Come with me or the zombies will kill you." Morris says to Carley. Carley follows Morris as they disappears into the forest.

A zombie comes from behind Zach, and bites into his shoulder. Another zombie arrives, and begins to rip out Zach's guts. Dwight hears an alarm go off at the ski lodge. Brian and Dwight looks forward towards Daniel. "Keep going forward. I'm going to head back to the community." Daniel says to the others as Dwight kills the two zombies, and kills Zach out of mercy.

TJ looks as Carlton shoots Logan in the head. "Let me go, and I promise that I won't have any grudges against you. Logan should've never went for your gun." TJ says to Carlton. Calvin points his pistol at Carlton. "The others are outside ready to head to where your group is at." Calvin says to TJ. TJ exits from the bar, and hears a gun. Carlton exits from the bar as Calvin's corpse lays on the ground. TJ and the others left the bar as Carlton stands outside. "I'll kill you and the others." Carlton says to himself about TJ and his group.

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