Episode 8

Christopher looks as Derek and the other horse riders helps Billy with the crops. Daniel enters the house, and punches Christopher in the face. "We've made plan for a secondary location, which caused some of my members to either die or go missing." Daniel says to Christopher. "I knew that you were going to do that. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but don't try to kill me." Christopher says to Daniel. "Tell me the names of the horse riders." Daniel says to Christopher. "Their names are Derek, Raymond, Sean, Randy, Ben, Keith, Renee, and Jimmy." Christopher says to Daniel. "Do you have more than three kids?" Daniel asks Christopher. "I have two sons that have been missing for over a month. Their names are Elliot and Kyle." Christopher answers to Daniel.

Bucky wanders into the woods with Derek. "Can you tell me about these woods?" Bucky asks Derek. "Well..." Derek is sniped in the head before he could answer. A man shoots Bucky in the shoulder. "Time to prepare for our traditional plan." A survivor says to his fellow survivors.

Bucky wakes up as he looks as he's tied to a spinning wheel. "Yell for help, and I keep taking parts of you off when you're knocked out." The leader of the survivors says to Bucky, who is revealed to have his legs amputated. "George, take his shirt off to show what we'll be having soon for dinner." The leader says to George. "Alright, Gareth." George says to Gareth. George lifts Bucky's shirt up, and sees an infectious zombie bite. Gareth shoots Bucky in the head. "Tell the others to not prepare the new meat." Gareth says to George. George runs outside of the log house as Gareth looks as he cries. "I'm sorry, kids. I should've never started our ways. You all would still be alive." Gareth says to his children's ghosts as they stand together. The ghosts disappears as George arrives wounded. "There's hostiles that killed the rest of the group." George says to Gareth. Gareth stabs George in the head. "I'm now the last of The Hunters." Gareth says to himself before getting sliced in half by a man, who is revealed to be named Chris Wayans. Chris radios to his family to stick around their house with his friend.

Chris' wife, Julie, looks at her son and daughter, Sebastian and Emma. Tony, who is Chris' friend, begins to barricade the doors.

Daniel looks as Carlton arrives, and aims his rifle at him until Andrea snipes Carlton in the head.

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