Chapter 1: Georgia's First City

After leaving the train, the group head into Savannah on foot. The group walk through the town. Clementine looks at her walkie-talkie, now in the possession of Lee.

Clementine: Can't I just hold it? Just for a little while? We're getting close to where my mom and dad are, maybe I can-

Lee: Not now, Clementine. Maybe later, okay?

Clementine: ... Okay.

Carley: How's Omid?

Christa: His leg's pretty bad.

Omid: I'm fine.

Mark: How much farther to the river front, Kenny?

Kenny: Should be a few more blocks up ahead.

Doug: So, there'll be boats there?

Charles: There sure as hell better be.

Kenny: There'll be boats. Have to be. Have to be.

Ben: It's gonna be okay. Kenny knows what he's doing.

A church bell near the group rings.

Ben: What the hell...?

Mark: Maybe this city's not so dead after all...

Kenny: Keep moving. No one's ringing that bell. It's automatic... on a timer.

Doug: That timer needs to be fixed, then. It's ringing at twenty past the hour.

Lee spots someone near the church bell.

Lee: Someone's up there!

Doug: You sure? I don't see anything.

Lee: I know what I saw. That person rang the church bell just now.

Ben: Hey! Hey, you up there!

Carley: Damn it, Ben! Keep quiet, you're gonna-

Clementine's walkie-talkie springs to life.

???: If I were you, I'd get out of the street. Now.

Christa: I thought you said that thing didn't work!

Lee: Hey, who the hell is this? Hello? Hello! I said answer me!

No one replies.

Mark: Who the hell was that? Is someone trying to fuck with us?

Ben: Sounded more like a warning.

Charles: Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

Kenny: What are you yammerin' on about?

Walkers attracted by the church bell begin to fill the streets.

Charles: ... it tolls for thee.

Lee: Everybody, RUN!

The group fights off walkers while escaping the streets. A walker grabs Carley in the leg, tripping her.

Carley: Damn it...!

Carley reaches for her gun in front of her.

Doug: Carley!

Doug shoots the walker and saves Carley.

Carley: A little too close, don't you think?

Meanwhile, Ben and Clementine are cornered by walkers.

Lee: No! Ben, help her!

Ben abandons Clementine out of fear.

Lee: Son of a bitch!

Mark: Go get her, Lee! I'll cover you!

Mark shoots the walkers around Clementine while Lee tries to reach her. More walkers arrive.

Lee: Come on, Clem!

Lee carries Clementine but struggles to get out of the horde. A walker attacks him from behind.

Mark: Lee, look out!

Charles kills the walker with his guitar in the nick of time.

Charles: Get her the hell out of here! I'll clear a path for you!

Lee manages to get Clementine to safety.

Kenny: Move your asses! River Street's just right up ahead!

Doug: That's not all...

Walkers obstruct the group's way to River Street.

Kenny: Oh, give me a fucking break!

Carley: Where's Chuck?

Charles fights off walkers surrounding him.

Omid: Shit, he's in trouble. We've got to help him!

Kenny: There's no time! We have to go, now!

Charles: I'll be FINE! Just go!

The group escapes the streets and takes refuge at the backyard of a mansion.

Kenny: I'll get the doors open!

Omid trips and falls over.

Omid: Damn it...!

Christa: You've opened up your wound. You're bleeding! Shit, that wound's gonna get infected. We have to get him inside, clean him up!

Carley: How's that door coming, Kenny?

Kenny: I'm working on it! I'm working on it!

Lee talks to Clementine.

Clementine: Do you think the dead people saw us come here? Are they going to find us?

Lee: Try not to worry about it. I think we're safe inside here.

Clementine: I can still hear them out there. It sounds like they're getting closer.

Lee: Well, it looks like they won't be able to get in here, then. We're safe behind this gate. They can't get in.

Clementine: One time, my pet hamster got out of his cage while we were asleep and ate a whole box of cookies.

Lee: The situation right now's... a bit different compared to yours.

Clementine: Yeah. This time, we're the cookies.

Meanwhile, Mark talks to Ben.

Mark: About what happened back at the streets...

Ben: I know. I don't know what happened. I just... froze up. Hasn't that ever happened to you?

Mark takes a glance at Lee.

Mark: Just listen to what I'm going to say. If you ever put that girl in danger again, it won't be walkers you have to worry about.

Ben: I... I hear you.

Carley, Doug and Kenny work on getting the front door open.

Carley: What's this? It looks like there's a pet door here.

Ben: I tried it out already. That's locked too.

Kenny: Who the fuck ever heard of a locked doggie door?

Doug: I have. A neighbor of mine had one just like that. It's radio-controlled. The dog wears a collar with a chip in it so the door only opens when the dog gets close to it.

Kenny: Well, shit. Every day's a school day.

Carley: Alright, so... where's the dog?

Everyone takes a look at the grave near the doghouse.

Carley: Aw, shit. We have a shovel around here?

Lee: There's one over there. I'll handle it.

Omid: Be careful, alright? Digging up dead things isn't what it used to be, you know what I mean?

Lee: I hear you.

Lee digs the grave and finds the body of a dog inside. 

Carley: Oh man, the smell...

Lee tries to get the dog's collar off.

Lee: Urgh, I can't get it off.

The dog's head falls off, freeing the collar.

Ben: Oh, that is so not cool.

Christa vomits.

Clementine: Are you okay?

Christa: I'm alright... it's just the smell.

Omid: You sure you're-

Christa: I said I'm fine, okay?

Lee holds the collar close to the pet door and unlocks it.

Kenny: Yes! Goddamn!

Lee: Okay, let me see if I can reach up to the doorknob.

Ben: Be careful, man.

Lee: No luck. I can't reach it.

Carley: Let me try. Maybe I can-

Clementine heads inside through the pet door.

Lee: Clem! You alright? Say something!

Clementine opens the door.

Clementine: Tada!

Lee: Good job, Clem!

Clementine: I did good, right?

Carley: Yeah, way to go. 

Carley high-fives Clementine.

Omid: Can we have this conversation inside? My leg's hurting like hell.

Kenny: Looks safe from here. Everybody in.

Once inside, Christa helps Omid onto a sofa.

Christa: How are you feeling?

Omid: Good. Feel better already just being off my feet. Thanks, babe.

Christa talks to Lee and Mark.

Christa: So when were you going to tell us about the radio?

Mark: Tell you what?

Christa: That it's working! That there's someone on the other side of that thing. You didn't think that might have been worth sharing with us?

Mark: We were going to tell you. Lee and I just found out yesterday.

Christa: So both of you were keeping it from the rest of us? Great.

Kenny: Who gives a shit about the damn radio? I'm more worried about whoever was out there ringing that bell and bringing the dead down on top of us! It's like they didn't want us to make it to the river!

Doug: What makes you think that it wasn't the same person? Whoever was on the radio was close enough to see us in the street. And we didn't see anyone else other than the person in the bell tower.

Kenny: Because that doesn't make a lick of damn sense! Why would they bring out the dead like that and try to warn us about it?

Carley: How much sense doesn anything make any more? In case you haven't noticed there's a shitload of twisted folks out there these days. Cannibals, bandits, you name it. At least the dead don't play games with you.

Lee: All I know is, they're no friend of ours.

Kenny: Damn right. I'm telling you, they don't want us getting to the river. Maybe they want all those boats to themselves. Well, we'll see about that.

Christa: I'm not going back out there anytime soon. Omid needs to rest.

Lee: We should rest up and gather our thoughts, Kenny. At least until all the walkers out there clear up and Omid's feeling better.

Kenny: He'd best feel better quick. I ain't gonna wait around here too long.

Ben: Place seems secure at least.

Carley: I'll feel better when we know that for sure. We need to check the whole house.

Kenny: Alright, fine. Ben and I will take the upstairs, the rest of you check down here. Make sure you check every door, understand?

Mark: Right.

Clementine: Lee, can I help? What if there's another locked door?

Lee: I think you've been helpful enough for one day, kiddo. Why don't you check up on Omid and Christa and see if they need anything, okay?

Clementine: Okay.

Carley looks at a drawing of a child and a dog on the refridgerator that says "Fivel and Walter", and looks away sadly.

Mark takes a look at a pack of opened dog food.

Mark: We aren't THAT desperate. Besides, we've gotta finish checking this floor.

Doug looks at the dinner table. 

Doug: Expensive and heavy. Doubt any looters would be able to haul this thing too far. No dinner for us, I guess.

Lee talks to Clementine.

Lee: You holding up okay?

Clementine: I hope this house is safe. Have you checked all the rooms to make sure?

Lee: Not yet, but I'll take care of it.

Lee checks the toilet and closet.

Lee: All clear.

Lee checks the storage room. He opens the door and a broom leaning against the door from inside falls out.

Lee: Shit!

Clementine: What is it? What happened?

Lee: Nothing. Just... nothing.

Carley: I'm done with the kitchen.

Doug: Well, the place ain't got much. We should be okay here for a while, at least until it quiets down outside.

Lee: How's Omid's leg?

Christa: Fine, for now. But I'm really worried if his leg might get infected. Don't suppose you came across any meds while you were poking around?

Mark: Just some dog food and a bottle of whiskey at the back.

Christa: I was just asking Clementine if she knows who the man on the radio is. It's okay, you can tell us, honey. Who is he? What does he want?

Lee: It's alright, Clem. Go ahead. You're not in trouble.

Clementine: It's... just a friend. I don't think he wants to hurt us.

Doug: What has he been saying to you?

Carley: ... And what have you been saying to him?

Clementine: I told him that I was trying to find my parents in Savannah. He's really nice and I'm sure he wants to help me.

Mark: Clementine, trust me. That's not what he wants. I'm sure-

Ben: Guys, you need to come up here quick!

Doug: What's wrong?

Ben: It's Kenny.

Lee: I'll handle this.

Lee heads upstairs with Ben.

Ben: Kenny said he heard something up at the attic and he went up to take a look. I can't get him to get down.

Lee: Stay here.

Lee heads up the attic.

Lee: Kenny, you okay, man?

Lee finds Kenny staring at something.

Lee: Man, what is that smell- Oh, my god...

A child walker attempts to approach the two, but falls over.

Kenny: ... Kinda looks like Duck, don't he?

Lee: It's a kid. What happened to him...?

Kenny: Ain't nothing on him. Guess he must have been hiding out up here. Starved to death. I don't know if I can, Lee. Couldn't do it before. Can't do it now.

Lee: I can't ask you to do it, man. I'll take care of it, like I did before.

Kenny: Are you sure?

Lee: I guess we'll find out.

Lee checks a bottle and a plate on the ground.

Lee: He ran out of food and water. Like we almost did. What a way to live. What a way to die.

Lee approaches the walker.

Lee: This could have been Clementine if I hadn't found her when I did.

Lee steps on the walker's head.

Lee: I'm sorry.

Lee steps in the walker's head, killing it for good.

Kenny: We should bury him.

Lee: I'll take care of it.

Lee carries the boy's body to the backyard and puts it in the dog's grave. Lee shovels dirt into the grave, burying the boy and his dog. The rest of the group looks on sadly before heading back in. Lee continues shoveling before noticing someone outside the fence observing him.

Lee: Hey, hey!

The person runs away.

Lee: Who are you?! What the hell do you want from us?!

Mark: Lee! What's going on?

Lee: I saw someone standing there by the fence watching us.

Doug: Was it a walker?

Lee: No, too fast to be one. Took off like a bat out of hell when I spotted him.

Mark: Was it a man or a woman?

Lee: Didn't get a good look.

Doug: Could it be the same guy who has been following us? The guy on the radio?

Kenny comes out and joins the three of them.

Kenny: I'm fine. I'm... okay. What's with all the ruckus?

Mark: Lee saw someone watching us outside.

Kenny: What? Who?

Lee: They got away before I could get a good look.

Mark: Walkers are one thing. But the thought of someone out there stalking us...

Kenny: Alright, that's it. We've stuck around here long enough. It's time to get back on track. Time to get down to the river and find ourselves a goddamn boat.

Christa: I don't think Omid's well enough to move yet.

Kenny: Well, he'd better get ready, because I'm heading to Riverstreet right now to find a boat. As soon as she's good to go, we're moving out.

Lee: We only checked the house to make sure it's secure. We're low on food, water, meds, ammo... we should make sure there's nothing left to use in this neighborhood before we head out.

Kenny: You search it if you wanna. I'm done with this place. We came into this city to find a boat, and that's just what I'm gonna do.

Doug: Maybe it's not such a bad idea to check out-


Carley: We can do both, alright? Lee and I will check out the neighborhood while Doug and Mark head to the river with Kenny to find a boat.

Lee: Yeah, that's for the best. Ben, make sure Clementine, Christa and Omid are safe here, alright?

Clementine: Can't I go? My mom and dad can't be far now. Maybe we can look for them.

Lee: Clem, I think it'd be best if you stayed here with Ben. I need you to watch out for Omid and Christa, help them get ready to move out.

Clementine: You said I'm supposed to always stick close to you.

Lee: I know, it's just this once. Sometimes, we all have to put aside what we want for the rest of the group. Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it, okay?

Clementine: ... Okay.

Kenny: Daylight's burning. Gonna go grab my gear, then we'll head out.

Christa: Come on, Clem. Let's see if Omid needs anything.

Ben talks to Lee.

Ben: So, you're just gonna leave me on the bench here?

Lee: I need you to stay here and protect Clementine, alright?

Ben: I can do that.

Lee: Well, just so we're clear. While I'm gone, anything or anyone that tries to get into the house, you shoot them. Don't even think twice about it. Understand?

Ben: I've got no problem with walkers.

Lee: Did you hear what I just said? Anything or anyone.

Ben nods.

Lee: Good.

Chapter 2: Down By The River

Lee and Carley search the neighborhood.

Lee: Find anything useful in there?

Carley: Nothing but personal items.

Lee: This whole place is done, man. Nothing's left for us to take.

Carley: Let's check a few more houses just to make sure.

Lee: Can you tell me more about drama club?

Carley: I, uh, sure... Why not? There was this one time during drama club...

Lee: Yeah?

Carley: The hospital called. They told me that my mum had collapsed.

Lee: What happened, if you don't mind me asking?

Carley: I got to the hospital as quick as I could, and I found her sitting outside a patient room. She told me that... that man... was the one who collapsed, not her. She knew I wouldn't come if she told me that, so she lied. She wanted me to see him. It was his last request. He didn't have much longer and he wanted to see me.

Lee: That man is...

Carley: My dad. He abandoned my mum and I when I was just a kid for some skank. I hated him a lot... I didn't want to give a damn if he lived or died. I didn't want to forgive that dirty sleazebag for what he's done.

Lee: How did your mum handle it?

Carley: She made up her mind. She wanted to stay with him until he died. She said letting him die all alone was too cruel to think of... and I sure as shit gave her hell for that.

Lee: That man comes crawling back to his "daughter" because he's dying?

Carley: Yeah, after getting dumped by his bimbo... Talk about shameless. His name, his face, his existence... I completely blocked him out that time, dammit!

Lee: You're right to hate him, Carley. But, I think you should've took it easy on him, y' know?

Carley: Should I? I paid the hospital another visit because my mum actually collapsed one time. She worked from sunup to sundown then she pays that man a visit for the rest of the night and comes home at midnight... She was pushing herself too far. Just for that man. She was so stupid.

Lee: Carley, don't say that about her.

Carley: Nothing went my way. It's all because of them. They both held me back.

Lee: They didn't. They cared for you. You know that.

Carley: Carley: I know. I know...

Lee: Is that...?

Clementine: Hi, Lee.

Lee: What are you doing out here?

Clementine: Omid's leg got worse so Ben and Christa moved him upstairs. I didn't want to sit around doing nothing so I came to help out.

Lee: That's nice, sweet pea. But stay in the house next time, okay? It's not safe.

Clementine: Okay... Did you find anything?

Lee: Nothing. We should head to the riverfront and see if Kenny needs our help.

Meanwhile, Mark, Kenny and Doug head to the riverfront.

Mark: Hey, so... You wanna talk, Kenny?

Kenny: Focus on the boat.

Mark: You sure? I mean-

Kenny: River's right up ahead.

The three hear a bell ringing.

Kenny: Son of a bitch. That bastard's messing with us again! It's a trap.

Mark: No. Listen. The ringing we're hearing isn't the same as the one this morning. I'm sure it's a distance away. 

Kenny: Well, if it's a "distance" away, why are we hearing it so loudly?

Doug: Sound travels at approximately 360 meters per second, Kenny. If you take a look at the facts-

Kenny: Alright, I get it.

Doug: Judging by the stridency, the oddities will be given the come-on and make headway to the bell, like moths to a flame.

Kenny: ......

Mark: What he means is that the walkers will be heading to where the noise is coming from.

Kenny: Whatever, man. When I find whoever's ringing that bell, I'll ring their motherfucking bell for them.

Doug: Let us make haste to the boats, shall we?

The three arrive at the riverfront.

Mark: Nothing's moving behind us, I think we're-

Doug: ... The whole place is deserted.

Kenny: There's gotta be a boat... there's gotta be.

Mark: You sure about that? It doesn't look like it to me. Maybe we need to start thinking about a plan B.

Kenny: This IS the plan! It's the only one we've got, and you pissin' on it ain't exactly helping! Well, screw you, I ain't giving up that easily!

Kenny runs towards the harbour, with Doug and Mark hot on his heels. Kenny inspects a half-sunken boat.

Kenny: This one might still be salvageable.

Doug: ... Seriously? With a straight face?

Kenny: You got a better fucking idea? I'll look at it. You two look further along the waterfront. Maybe there's something we need at the other end.

Doug: I don't think we should disband and go our separate ways.

Kenny: We don't have to. See that telescope over there? You can see all the way along the waterfront from right here. See what you can find.

Mark: ... Alright, man.

Mark and Doug explore the street.

Mark: What do you think about Kenny's plan?

Doug: His plan is our sole and unaccompanied plan. Unless someone cooks up a better plan, I propose that we stick to Kenny's and lend him a hand. This city isn't exactly safe. Whenever something goes awry, we need to be prepared to fight. That's what kept us alive.

Mark: No. It's what kept us breathing. The entire group is still alive here and now because we co-operate. It's the only thing we need to keep us all walking.

Doug: You're precisely correct. Well, you understand a lot more about fighting than I do, after all, Mark. I'll leave it up to you.

Mark: I'll take that as a compliment, thank you.

The two finds themselves before a barricade of dead walkers, alongside live walkers impaled on spears and signs that read, "STAY OUT".

Mark: What the hell? What is this, some kind of warning? Who would do something like this?

Doug: ... Maybe we should stay away for the time being.

The two inspect the telescope.

Mark: It's pitch black. Guess it's broken.

Doug: It needs a quarter to work, actually. Do you have one?

Mark: Larry did. And no, my pockets are empty.

Doug: What about that cash register at the newspaper stand over there? There might still be change in the drawer.

Mark checks the cash register.

Mark: Hello, beautiful.

Mark finds nothing inside.

Doug: Anything?

Mark: Nothing.

Doug: That would have been too easy, huh?

Mark sees a newspaper machine across the street.

Mark: Hmm...

Mark hits the newspaper machine with his spanner. A few quarters fall out.

Doug: That's just what we require.

Mark: I'll work on the telescope. See if Kenny needs your help, Doug.

Doug: What's up with the boat?

Kenny: It ain't gonna work. Hull's cracked beneath the water-line, plus someone stripped out the damn battery.

Kenny sees the barricade of walkers.

Kenny: What the hell is that...?

Doug: A fate worse than death.

Meanwhile, Mark takes a look at the surrounding area.

Mark: There's a half-sunken boat... too far for us to reach. Nothing but water over there. And on this side...

Mark sees a person climbing down a building not far away from their location.

Mark: Get down! Get down!

The three hide as the person walks over to the newspaper stand.

Kenny: Why are we hiding?

Mark: Somebody came down from the building across the street.

Doug: Where did they go?

Mark: Saw them run into that newsstand.

Kenny: Could be our bell ringer. How about we go find out?

Doug: We didn't come here looking for trouble.

Kenny: Yeah, well, it seems to have a way of finding us anyways. Look, this could be the guy on the radio, the one who's been fucking with us. If he is, then we can put an end to it, right now. Okay, Mark, you head up to the middle of the street. I'll go around the side, cover your flank. Doug, you take the other side. We'll come up on him quiet, take him by suprise.

Kenny takes out his gun.

Mark: Look... we just wanna talk.

Kenny: Oh, we're gonna talk.

Kenny heads to the alleyway near the newspaper stand. Kenny and Doug take their positions on the left and right respectively. Mark approaches the newsstand and the person bends down, getting out of his line of sight. Mark prepares to attack the person, but finds no one there.

Mark: What the...?!

The person suprises and disarms Mark. The person uppercuts Mark and hits Doug with Mark's spanner. Kenny fires, but misses and is knocked down by a roundhouse kick. Lee, Carley and Clementine arrive before the person attempts to kill Kenny with their ice pick.

Lee: You drive that thing through his head and I'll put a bullet in your head. Put your hands up.

Clementine: Please... don't hurt him!

???: You're... not from Crawford.

Lee: You're not the guy on the radio.

The person takes off their hood and is revealed to be a woman in her 20's.

???: I'm not a guy at all... full marks for observation. Who the hell are you people?

Mark: Everybody just calm down, alright?

Kenny: I'll calm down when she tells me who the fuck she is!

???: Back off, asshole. The name's Molly.

Lee: Molly, I'm Lee. That's Kenny, Mark, Doug, Carley and this here's Clementine.

Clementine: Hi.

Carley: We aren't looking for trouble, okay?

Molly: You guys really aren't from Crawford, are you?

Lee: I don't even know what that is.

Molly: Everything beyond that barricade. When everything staryed going to shit, a bunch of people got together and sealed off that whole neighborhood. Folks willing to do anything to stay alive, stop the dead from getting in. I try to avoid them.

Doug: Why?

Molly: Let's just say they have a zero tolerance policy for those who can't, or won't, live by their rules.

Mark: How did you know we weren't them?

Molly: Because there aren't any children in Crawford. Not anymore.

Lee: No children? Why not?

Molly: No children, no elderly, no one with an advanced medical condition... Basically, no one who might be a burden on the community. Crawford is all about the survival of the fittest. That's how they survived, while the rest of the world went to shit around them.

Carley: What exactly did Crawford do to those "burdens"? What happened to them?

Molly: Well, some them of amongst that barricade, if that's what you're asking. Anyone who was sick, anyone who was too old, anyone who they thought was too weak to survive. To them, they were just mouths to feed, a drain on their precious resources.

Doug: How do you know all this?

Molly: Everyone in Savannah knew. What was going on inside Crawford got passed around like a ghost story. Except this one was true.

Lee: Do you know who's been ringing those bells all over town?

Molly: Yeah... that would be me.

Kenny: I knew it! I knew she was the one who's been following us, fucking with us!

Molly: Get that finger out of my face before I jam it straight up your ass, grandpa. I haven't been following you. I don't even know who the hell you people are.

Doug: Chill, Kenny. The voice on the walkie-talkie was a man, remember?

Kenny: Yeah, well. Whoever you are, ringing those bells this morning nearly got us all killed, raised the dead around us!

Molly: That's the idea, genius. It's how I get around. I ring a bell in one neighborhood to attract the local geeks toward it, buys me some time to scavenge the areas they cleared out.

Mark: Geeks? Is that what you call them?

Molly: Yeah. You know, like at the carnival. They'll eat anything, alive or dead.

Lee: That's pretty smart, with the bells.

Molly: Doesn't take much to outsmart the dead. Bunch of dumbasses. You just gotta move fast, get in and out before they start to wander back again. Look, I'm gonna ask you guys one more time; you're not from Crawford, so who the hell are you and what are you doing here?

Lee: We're just trying to survive, just like you. We came here looking for supplies and a boat, hoping to get our whole group out of here and find someplace safe.

Molly: Good luck with that. Anyone with a boat took it out of here as soon as people started devouring each other. Any left behind, Crawford stripped them for parts. Cars too. If there was still a boat left, do you think I'd still be here? I've been over every inch of this city. The whole place is picked clean.

Kenny: Goddamnit! Fuck!

Molly: Hey, moron! You wanna keep your voice down?

Kenny: ... Damn it.

Molly: Since you're not getting on any boat, I'd advise you folks to go back where you came from, before- Great. Just great.

Walkers arrive.

Kenny: That's too many for us to take on.

Mark: Damn. Gunshot must have brought them here.

Doug: Isn't that where we came from?

Carley: Isn't there another way back to the mansion?

Lee: Molly, is there-

The group turns around only to see Molly heading into an alleyway. The group chases after her. Molly manages to get to high ground.

Lee: What the hell are you doing?!

Molly: I'll tell you what I'm NOT doing. I'm not getting eaten!

Kenny: You're just going to leave us here?!

Molly: Sorry, I must have missed that part of our conversation where you became my problem.

Clementine: Please... you can't just leave us!

Molly gives in to Clementine's pleas.

Molly: Make it quick!

Lee boosts everyone up to Molly but is unable reach them.

Clementine: Lee! Hurry!

Lee tries to escape through the other side but is obstructed by more walkers.

Carley: Lee! The manhole!

Lee tries to open the manhole cover.

Lee: Urgh, can't get it off!

Molly: Use this to pry it open!

Molly throws Lee her climbing pick. Lee manages to pry open the manhole and escapes into the sewers.

Chapter 3: Support Group

Lee climbs a ladder down into the sewers. A walker falls into the manhole and is killed by the impact of the fall.

Lee: Can you guys hear me?! If you can, head back to the mansion! I'll meet you guys there!

Lee explores the sewer tunnels.

Lee: Hmm, there might be a way out over there, but there's no way I can take on all of these walkers here.

Lee hides inside a passageway and sees a water pipe. Lee turns it to the right. He sees water gushing out through a grate. Walkers are attracted by the water.

Lee: Glad I'm here and not over there. Hmm. Seems loose.

Lee takes the valve with him and installs it on a drainage pipe. Water gushes out from the grate next to Lee, attracting the walkers blocking his way out.

Lee: Here they come.

Lee heads into the passageway and waits for all the walkers to move away. Lee comes out of his hiding spot and walks along the cleared tunnel. Lee sees a lone walker at the end of the tunnel and sneaks up to it. A walker grabs Lee by his foot through a grate beneath him.

Lee: Let go, goddamnit!

Lee pries the walker's hand off of him and kills the lone walker with Molly's climbing pick.

Lee: So far, so good... Too bad the ladder leading to that manhole on top of me is broken.

Lee inspects a sign on the wall.

Lee: "No Dumping"... What the hell?

Lee takes the sign off, revealing a hidden tunnel. Lee goes through and finds himself in a room. A sign reads, "Fallout Shelter".

Lee: Must have been one of those old nuclear fallout shelters. Look at all this food... it's enough to keep people alive for months.

Lee opens a door and finds himself at a morgue and its residents. An elderly man points his gun at him.

???: Who are you?

Lee: Nobody. I'm just lost, trying to get back to my home and people.

???: Well, you took a wrong turn. This is our home, not yours. You're not welcome here.

Lee: Look, I'm sorry I disturbed you. I'll just be going then.

???: Vernon, you can't let him leave! What if he's from Crawford and they find out we're down here...

Vernon: Are you from Crawford? Don't lie to me.

Lee: I came here with a small group looking for a boat. We just want to get out of this place. How about you just let me go?

Vernon: Ain't no boats here. Crawford took everything.

Brie: He's lying! You can't let him go!

Vernon: What do you want me to do, Brie? Shoot him in the head?

Brie: Why not? There'd be more mercy than Crawford ever showed us. Think, Vernon! What do you think they'll do if they find out that we're down here, right beneath their feet?

Vernon: You're right... Sorry, friend. Can't take the risk.

Lee: I'm not from Crawford, but I saw what they did up there. It made me sick. I'm not like them and I'm sure you aren't either. I think you're a good man.

Vernon: Keep back or I swear I'll shoot!

Lee: It's okay. It's okay...

Lee calmly takes Vernon's gun.

Brie: Vernon, what the hell are you doing?

Lee: Relax, I'm not here to hurt you.

Vernon: You're really not from Crawford?

Lee: No, I'm really not.

Vernon: Well, we are. Or were. We got out of there when they started sealing up the place, started weeding the weak and the old so their perfect survivor society wouldn't be threatened. No room for vulnerability or weakness in their little master race.

Lee: You don't look that old, so you're sick?

Vernon: Were sick. We're all members of a cancer survivors group that used to meet here at the hospital. We're in remission. But that wasn't good enough for Crawford. They had already rounded up five of us before the rest of us managed to hide from them down here. This old basement's been abandoned for years.

Lee: What is this, a morgue?

Vernon: Yes. Irony's always high on my list when I'm looking for a place to survive. How did you find your way down here?

Lee: My group and I were up there looking for a boat. I need to get out of here and find them.

Vernon: That sewer system runs through the whole city. You might be able to find your way back through it.

Lee: Those sewers are like a damn maze. Can you help me find the way back?

Vernon: I'd like to help you, but we've got our own problems here. Two of us are sick and I'm the only doctor here.

Boyd: Vernon, why don't you lend the man a hand?

Lee: I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I just want to get back to my group and Clementine.

Vernon: Is she your daughter?

Lee: No. She lost her real parents. I'm looking after her.

Brie: You're not really considering going with him, are you?

Vernon: It's all right, Brie. I had a daughter too. Lost her the first days all this happened. I'll be damned to sit here and let that happen to someone else.

Clive: We need you here!

Vernon: Don't worry, Clive. I'll be back before you know it. Let's go.

Lee and Vernon head out into the sewers.

Lee: I'd like to say thanks for helping me, Vernon.

Vernon: Don't mention it. So, what's your story?

Lee: My group and I settled outside Macon. We went on supply runs at the town nearby, but we picked most of it clean. People attacked us for our supplies and we had to leave most of them behind.

Vernon: Looks like it hasn't been easy for your group.

Lee: It hasn't been easy for everyone.

Vernon: Yeah... Alright, we just need to take a few more turns and-

Lee: Do you hear something?

Vernon: Sounds like someone else is down here.

Lee and Vernon turn into a tunnel and see Chuck fighting walkers.

Lee: That's Chuck! We need to help him!

Lee and Vernon fire their guns at the walkers surrounding Charles.

Lee: Chuck! This way!

The three run along the sewer tunnels, walkers hot on their heels.

Vernon: This ladder should lead us to our way out!

The three head up the ladder and get out through a manhole.

Lee: Phew... that was close. You gonna be alright, Chuck?

Charles: I'm fine, I'm fine... Just not as young as I used to be.

Vernon: Heh, don't start with that crap.

Lee: Chuck's with me, Vernon. He got separated buying time for us to escape walkers earlier.

Charles: Nice meeting ya, Vernon.

Lee: I just met Vernon here not too long ago. He's helping me find my way back to the others.

Charles: How's the rest of the group?

Lee: Everybody's fine. We're taking shelter at a mansion for the time being.

Charles: That's jolly good to hear. Looks like my bones didn't go through hell for nothing, I suppose. Let's head back to the others.

Lee: Sure, and... thanks, Chuck. Clementine's still alive because of you.

Charles: I'd blame that kid for abandoning her if I were you. He goof up like that often?

Lee: ... Yeah. A lot.

Chapter 4: Bedside Manor

The three arrive at the mansion. Doug and Mark, who are on watch, see them.

Doug: Hey, Mark! Lee's back!

Mark: Oh, thank god you're okay, Lee. You've been gone for a while, man.

Lee: Yeah, and I've brought us some company.

Doug: Chuck! You're okay?

Charles: I ain't going down that easy, kiddo.

Mark: Not bad, old man.

Doug: Who's the other guy?

Lee: This here's Vernon. He helped me and Chuck get out of the sewers. How's everyone else?

Mark: Everyone's fine... well, Christa's looking after Omid. We moved him upstairs earlier. He's gotten worse.

Vernon: I'm a doctor. Let me take a look at him.

Lee takes Vernon upstairs.

Christa: Lee, you're back. Wait, who's this?

Lee: He's Vernon, and a doctor.

Christa: Oh, thank god. Can you take a look at him?

Vernon: I work better without an audience, Lee. I'm sure you have your own matters to attend to.

Lee heads outside.

Lee: Clementine?

Lee enters the study room.

Lee: Clementine? You in here?

Lee searches the room but finds no one. Lee heads to a bedroom.

Lee: Clementine? Is that you, Molly?

Molly: Oh, hey. You made it back.

Lee: What are you doing here?

Molly: You know, just poking around.

Lee: You won't find anything. We searched the place.

Molly: You'd be suprised what people miss. Trust me, I've been doing this for a while now. I suppose you have something that belongs to me?

Lee hands Molly her climbing pick.

Lee: Have you seen Clementine?

Molly: Don't ask me, I'm not her keeper.

Lee: Hey, does it look like I'm in the mood to be jerked around? Where did she go?

Molly: Last I saw her she was downstairs hanging out with your buddies. Why don't you go bug them?

Lee finds Ben and Kenny, who is drunk, at the living room.

Kenny: Oh, hey... You made it back. Good job. Good job.

Lee: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Kenny: What does it look like?

Lee: Where did you get the bottle, anyway?

Kenny: Fooound it. You wanna throw down like we did back on the train? Because I fucking fight better when I'm shit-faced!

Lee: Ben, you let him drink?!

Ben: Look, I tried, but he gave me a look like he was gonna rip my face off. He wouldn't listen to you, you think he was gonna listen to me?

Lee: Getting wasted isn't gonna help anybody.

Kenny: Yeah? Well, what is? We. Are. FUCKED! Molly said there isn't a single boat left in Savannah. No way out. We've got walkers around us, that crazy fuck on the radio fucking with us... hell, if now ain't the time for a drink?

Kenny hands Ben the bottle. Under Lee's harsh stare, he rejects it.

Lee talks to Carley.

Lee: What about... him? Did the two of you make up?

Carley: "I stopped by his room one day. He looked at me, and he smiled like he was so happy...

Lee: What did he say?

Carley: "Do you wanna watch TV?" "If you want some comics, here's some money for you to buy some." "Here's some cash for ice cream." He was so stupid... Getting excited... coughing... troubling the doctors... That man was not my father. I keep telling myself that over and over, but... Why me, why me, why me?!

Lee: Carley, get a hold of yourself! You're not the only one going through all that, so put a pin in that, okay? I'm here with you.

Carley: I know, Lee. I... just need a moment.

Lee talks to Mark.

Mark: If you don't mind... can I talk to you about something?

Lee: Sure. What is it?

Mark: I haven't been able to get it all arranged in my head, though...

Lee: Spit it out, Mark.

Mark: I've told you little before about... Jane, right?

Lee: Your sister?

Mark: Yeah. My younger sister, who I couldn't save... I was the only person she had. There weren't any kids around her age at the orphanage, so she didn't have any friends. She'd always tag along after me, calling me "big bro" all the time... She used to prank me a lot. There was this one time, she told me she had just made me some brownies. Guess what she brought me.

Lee: What?

Mark: The aforementioned "brownies" were just brown letter "E"s.

Lee: *laugh*

Mark: I know, right? Have you been a victim of your brother before?

Lee: There was this one time on April Fools' Day, my mum had this idea to wake me up by blowing her loud-ass tuba. The night before, my brother decided to prank my mum by putting flour inside her tuba. You can probably figure out what happened next.


  • laugh* You gotta admit, that was a good prank.

Lee: Hell yeah. Looks like we have more in common.

Mark: Those were the days. She was so little... She never knew her parents... or had good food to eat, or got to have any toys to play with... She had nothing...

Lee: She had something, Mark. You were there for you all the time and I'm sure she knew that too. She's dead and gone. You need to understand that and accept it.

Mark: I have... but I can't deal with all the anger and sadness I feel... I have to live with that for the rest of my life... I, uh...

Lee: You want me to help you bear that burden?

Mark: Thanks... but it's terrible of me to ask you to do that.

Lee: I've got your back, Mark.

Lee talks to Doug.

Lee: How you holding up, Doug?

Doug: I'm... okay, I guess.

Lee: You don't have to be... You want to talk about... you know?

Doug: Well... sure.

Lee: Tell me more about how people reacted when they saw you.

Doug: Sometimes I stop by a food stall by the street and when housewives who live around my home pass by, I hear them gossip. "Rumours have it that the incident was due to bad luck since their store faces the northeast." "His brother died not long ago and now he's having fun with his buddies? Pretty cold if you ask me." Something along those lines.

Lee: Let the gossipers gossip.

Doug: You're right. Why do I care about what random people think? I have someone who understands me, and that's enough.

Lee: Those "roving eyes" were always around somewhere, huh?

Doug: I'm used to it, though. It seems they're not satisfied unless I look like a victim. That's why it's been so long since I've talked to anyone about stuff and just laughed... It's fun.

Lee: Yeah... yeah it is. What about your parents?

Doug: My parents? Ever since my brother died, they were worrying their heads off as our business was slowly, but surely, worsening. I thought of quitting my job as an IT technician to help them out.

Lee: What did they say?

Doug: They were really against it. They told me, "That's not what we want. Live the way you want to." Then they asked, "You hate your job, don't you? You're just running away from it." They got all suspicious of me so suddenly. I wasn't expecting that at all.

Lee: I wouldn't have, either.

Doug: I was just stunned. I couldn't even think of anything to say to them. If I wanted to run, I could've done that forever since everyone's being so kind to me. Everyone just says I can do whatever. Even my boss just allows me to take any day off. If I arrive late, if I leave early, he doesn't care at all. None of my actions have any consequences. I can't tell if I'm right or wrong, since everyone reacts the same either way. No one orders me around. They just tell me to take it easy. Then they take all responsibility away from me. Eventually, it doesn't matter if I'm even there. I don't have to do anything. I don't even have to exist.Am I really that pitiable?

Lee: You're not the only one, Doug.

Doug: I know... Should I go around and tell people not to treat me special? Should I act like my brother never existed? Being stared at... being pitied and alienated by others... Should I pretend to not notice? Until everyone gets tired of it? Sorry... I'm just rambling, aren't I?

Lee: I don't mind, Doug. Everyone has the right to ramble.

Doug: Thanks... You're strange, Lee. You don't distance yourself from me like everyone else did back then, nor do you preach to me like you know everything.

Lee: Heh, look who's talking.

Doug: I'll be alright. Check up on the others.

Lee talks to Charles.

Lee: How are you, Chuck?

Charles: I'm fine, considering. Wanna keep an old guy company?

Lee: Sure.

Charles: Thank ya. I haven't had anybody to talk to about my condition for so long.

Lee: Did your family... know about this?

Charles: They did. *sigh* Nobody treated me like a normal man. Not even my family. I can tell by how they look at me. The pity in their eyes is unmistakeable. I don't need their sympathy any more than I need their curiosity. Sorry, but... I don't expect anyone to pity me. Dying isn't so unusual, is it? What is there to gain by staying in this kind of world for a long time, anyway?

Lee: With the world as it is right now, I don't think there's much you can gain for yourself.

Charles: You must have a lot of hopelessness festering inside you as well, then. I can't remember a time without it. *cough* *wheeze* Damn it, what did I do to deserve this body?

Lee: That, uh... feeling any better?

Charles: It's... starting to settle down, I think. Why do I have to face this alone? Other people don't have to deal with this illness of mine. Looks like... I won't ever walk through a sunny field playing my guitar again since my legs and heart can't handle it. All that's left for me is to draw the sheets over myself and count the beats of my heart till they stop forever.I understand why I'm dying. But, "why" am I dying? There isn't any meaning to life I can find, so perhaps I'm not missing all that much.

Lee: Chuck...

Charles: If I was capable of running away, I wouldn't even be here anyway. No matter what I do, my body is there to remind me... that I'm going to die. And there's nothing I can do about it! *cough* *gasp* *sigh*

Lee: Take it easy... I'm here if you need me.

Charles: When I'm alone, it feels like my life could end any second... so, thank you, Lee.

Lee: You're welcome. Hey, uh... have you seen Clementine around?

Charles: I don't think so. I remember seeing her with Ben and Kenny.

Lee talks to Ben and Kenny.

Lee: Have either of you seen Clementine?

Kenny: Dunno... gotta be around here somewhere.

Ben: I think I saw her going out to play at the backyard.

Lee: Alone?! With no one around to protect her? Ben, I gave you one job before I left and that was to protect Clementine!

Lee heads out into the backyard.

Lee: Clementine? Clementine!

Lee checks out the backyard.

Lee: She's not outside the fence. She's not in the bushes. She's not in the dog house... Damn it!

Lee sees a wooden panel on the ground next to the shed.

Lee: This panel fits the hole at the side of the shed. Someone must've messed around with it.

Lee sees the shed doors moving. Lee opens the doors and Clementine runs into him.

Clementine: Lee!

Lee: Hey, girl. What were you doing in there?

Clementine: Exploring! I took apart a wooden panel at the side of the shed to get in. I couldn't open the door so I tried charging into it. And look! Look what I found!

Lee opens the shed doors fully and finds a boat inside.

Lee: Holy shit.

Clementine: Swear.

Kenny sees the boat and drops his bottle of wine.

Chapter 5: Georgia's Last City

Kenny, Mark and Ben inspect the boat.

Kenny: Let me look into this thing. I'll let you two know if I need any help.

Mark: Anything else you need to say, Ben?

Ben: I... I thought about talking to Kenny about...

Mark: Don't. Fucking don't. You don't sell us out to the bandits, they never attack. They never attack, Lilly never goes delusional, Chet would still be here right now, Duck never gets bitten and Katjaa never takes herself out. You tell Kenny and he would kill you on the spot.

Ben: I... I just think he has the right to know...

Mark: Bullshit. You just want to feel better.

Meanwhile, everyone else waits in the house.

Lee: How's Omid doing?

Vernon: As well as can be expected under the circumstances. I cleaned out his wound for him, but he's got a real infection. Running a fever. Without antibiotics, he might not... you know.

Carley: "What's taking them so long? How hard is it to look over a damn boat?

Charles: It'll take as long as it takes, missy.

Molly: Lee, will you quit pacing? You're making everyone nervous.

Kenny, Mark and Ben enter.

Doug: Well?

Kenny: You guys want the good news or the bad news?

Lee: I think we could all use some good news.

Kenny: The good news is the boat's seaworthy enough. She's in pretty good shape, mostly.

Charles: Mostly?

Mark: Well, that's the bad news. The boat's low on fuel and the battery's dead. We need some fuel and a battery before she's taking us anywhere.

Carley: Where the hell are we supposed to get that stuff?

Ben: Maybe we should just stay put. We're all out of options and the boat's not going anywhere. We should take our time and think of a new plan.

Christa: Time's the one thing we don't have! Not while Omid's laying there and getting sicker by the minute! We need to do something now!

Doug: Plus, I don't like the idea of sitting around and waiting for whoever's stalking us on the radio to pay us a visit.

Charles: We should search the streets and see if there's anything we can use.

Molly: That ain't gonna work. Crawford took everything and brought it inside their walls. They siphoned every gas tank, stripped every battery. There's nothing left out there. You guys saw that for yourselves.

Vernon: She's right.

Lee: Sounds like Crawford's the place that has everything we need. Maybe we should try there.

Vernon: Now hold on a minute.

Christa: Surely we have to try. If there are people still alive in this city, who still have supplies, what harm can it do to ask?

Vernon: Trust me, you don't know these people. I do. You show up with a wounded man? Might as well put a damn noose around his neck. They don't exactly welcome children with open arms, either.

Christa: What kind of a place are we talking about here?

Molly: The worst kind. But I don't see what other choice we have.

Kenny: So how do you figure we do this? Because from what I've heard that place ain't exactly friendly to outsiders.

Charles: We negotiate like civilized people. There must be something they're interested in to trade with us.

Vernon: Negotiate? With Crawford? Do I have to remind you how those people are like? They'll take what they want and then decide whether or not they want to let you live.

Carley: We're armed and we've got the numbers. I say we take what we need by force.

Molly: Okay, that's literally the dumbest idea I've ever heard. Crawford's like a goddamn military base. There's hundreds of people there who are armed to the teeth and that perimeter's guarded day and night. You're gonna have to be smarter than that.

Lee: There's got to be a way we can sneak in undetected.

Vernon: There might actually be a way. I know the sewer system that runs beneath Crawford like the back of my hand. You wouldn't happen to have a map by any chance?

Lee: Yeah, actually...

Vernon: I think I could lead us through so we could pass under the perimeter and right into the center where they keep their supplies. We come right underneath them, take them by surprise, grab what we need and get out before they even knew what hit them.

Molly: That's actually not the worst idea I've heard. I mean, it's close, but... maybe it could work.

Vernon: I thought about it before, just never had the people to do it. But if we all work together, we might be able to pull it off.

Kenny: And whaddaya want in return for all this help you're giving us?

Vernon: Crawford doesn't just have what you need for your boat. They're also well-stocked with medical supplies. Medicine my people could use just as yours could.

Charles: How do we know where to look?

Molly: I used to watch them from one of the belltowers just outside the perimeter. I've seen them carrying stuff into the old Catholic school just off the town square. I think they're using it as a supply depot and we should be able to find what we need in there.

Lee: Anybody else have a problem with this plan? Because we're gonna need every one of us to be able to pull this off.

Ben: Man, I don't know...

Kenny: I don't know about you, kid, but I'd rather be out there doing something than sitting around here waiting to die. That boat's an answered prayer. We just gotta push a little bit farther. You in or out?

Vernon: We should go tonight, under cover of darkness. I'll go let my people know and give you all a chance to prepare. I'll be back before midnight.

Lee: Alright, everyone rest up and prepare yourselves.

Lee heads to the stairs and finds Clementine eavesdropping.

Lee: I told you to stay in your room. How long have you been there?

Clementine: Is it going to be dangerous?

Lee: Is what going to be dangerous?

Clementine: Crawford.

Lee: I can't lie to you, Clem. Crawford's gonna be dangerous, but it's the only place where we can get the things to make Omid better and get the boat running. That's why we have to do this. Do you understand?

Clementine: I don't want anyone else to die.

Lee: Neither do I, Clem. But sometimes, we have to take that kind of risk.

Clementine: I should go get ready.

Lee: Say what now?

Clementine: You said you'd need all of us to do this, remember?Molly said Crawford is the only place left in Savannah that still has people, so that means that must be where my mom and dad are, right?

Lee: Crawford's too dangerous, especially for children. It might be safer for you to stay here with Omid.

Clementine: But you said I'm supposed to always stay close to you. Can't I come with you, Lee?

Lee: ... Okay. You can come with us. But you have to promise to stay quiet the whole time we're there and do exactly as you're told, okay?

Clementine: Okay, I'm gonna go get ready!

Everyone prepares themselves as nightfall comes.

Kenny: Check out what I found in the shed. Hatchet, hacksaw and some other tools that might be useful for our little break-in.

Mark: Nice.

Kenny: Lee, can I talk to you for a second?

Lee: What is it?

Kenny: I took another look at the boat. She's a 40-footer.

Lee: So?

Kenny: So we're gonna have a capacity problem. Boat that size ain't gonna hold more than 7 people. Even with one of them a kid.

Lee: You, me, Clem, Mark, Carley, Doug, Ben, Chuck, Christa, Omid, Molly...

Kenny: Assuming everyone makes it back alive, there's still 3 too many, even if we cut Molly loose. Before this is over, we're gonna have to make a decision.

Lee: You're not serious, right?

Kenny: Look, if we want the best chance of-

Vernon returns.

Kenny: Looks like we're all here. Let's move out.

Lee: You ready, Clem?

Clementine: Ready.

Vernon: You're not taking her with us, are you? Didn't you listen to what I told you about Crawford? If you bring her and they find her there...

Lee: I'm not leaving her in the house with just only Omid to protect her. Just not happening. She's coming, so deal with it.

Charles: You heard the man. Let's move out.

Chapter 5: Georgia's Last City

Vernon: Alright, this is it. We're right underneath the center of Crawford. The old school should be directly above us.

Lee: Alright, people. This is it. Remember the plan. We stay hidden, we stay quiet and we stay close and together. We find what we need and get the hell out before anyone knows we were even there. Got it? And that part about staying close? That goes double for you, Clem.

Lee climbs up the ladder and opens the tunnel cover.

Lee: Come on.

Everybody gets out of the sewers and goes into hiding.

Vernon: Where is everybody? There should be guards patrolling.

Kenny: What, you disapointed?

Vernon: Just strange, is all.

Carley: There. I see a guard over there.

Lee: Okay, Mark and I will sneak up on him and try to knock him out, kill him if we have to. Get your rifle ready, Mark.

Mark: Alright. Right behind you.

Lee sneaks up to the guard and points his gun at him.

Lee: Hey, how's it going? Do me a favor and put your hands up.

The guard turns around and is revealed to be a walker.

Lee: What the fuck?!

Lee shoots the walker.

Charles: What's a walker doing in here?

More walkers arrive.

Doug: Crap, get inside!

Everybody heads inside the school.

Christa: What happened here? I thought this place was supposed to be secured!

Molly: What always happens, I guess. In the end, the dead always win.

Ben: Oh, man... Oh, geez... We're so screwed...

Kenny: Fuck... do you think they saw us?

Lee: Definitely.

Vernon: No. This is good.

Doug: Vernon's right. We can deal with walkers easier than armed guards.

Mark: I agree. As long as they don't box us in, we can still do this. The plan hasn't changed.

Ben: The plan hasn't changed?! Every time walkers show up, the plan changes! Do you have any idea how many of them are out there?!

Carley: No. You wanna do a headcount? Or do you want to get what we need and get the hell out of here?

Vernon: Come on. I think I know which way to head to.

Everyone follows Vernon down the hallways.

Vernon: Alright, we should stay inside this room for a while and plan our next move.

Vernon tries to open the door.

Lee: It's locked?

Vernon: Damn it, it's protected by a security code system.

Mark: How the hell is it still functioning?

Vernon: Crawford used solar panels to supply themselves with power and electricity. That was how the whole place kept running until... you know.

Christa: Can't we bust the door open? We don't have a lot of options here.

Doug: That would make too much noise. Let me take a look at the keypad...

Kenny: What are you doin' exactly, Doug?

Doug: I think I might be able to alter and hack the security system to display the code on the screen. Give me a moment.

Doug hacks the system, and '5892' pops up on the keypad screen.

Molly: Well, whaddaya know, it worked.

Carley: Nicely fucking done, Doug. All that dork nonsense might actually save a life.

Doug: Who's to say it hasn't already?

The door unlocks and everyone enters the classroom. The group looks at the blackboard, full of instructions and plans.

Lee: Looks like they were using this classroom as some sort of command center.

Christa: Alright, now what? Where do we start looking?

Vernon: There's a map over here. Everyone take a look.

Carley: Where can we find us some medicine?

Molly: Right here, nurse's station. They were using it as a medical facility.

Christa: How do you know that?

Molly: ... Just makes sense, doesn't it?

Kenny: Where can we find some fuel for the boat?

Vernon: There's a maintenance shed across the playground here. If they were storing fuel that's where it'll probably be.

Carley: What about ammo? We're running low.

Vernon: That door over there leads to the armory. It's locked, though.

Charles: A nice meal is what all of us need. Where can we find some food and water?

Vernon: The cafeteria's down the stairs. You'll might find some leftovers if you're lucky.

Lee: So then we just need a battery. I think we can find one at this auto shop next door.

Vernon: Yeah, it's called Herman's, you can't miss it.

Lee: Alright, now we know what to do next.

Kenny: Okay. I'll make the run to the maintenance shed for the fuel.

Doug: I'll go with you, then.

Ben: I'll come too.

Kenny: No, two people's enough already. You stay here and see if you can use those tools we brought to get that armory door open.

Christa: I'll go for the medicine.

Vernon: I'll come with you. I know what to take.

Mark: I'll check out the cafeteria. Chuck, you wanna come with me?

Charles: Gladly.

Lee: I'll go find us a battery.

Carley: I'll go with you. Watch your back.

Molly: I'll join you guys. Make sure you don't run into any trouble.

Lee: Okay, we've got ourselves a plan. Everyone be careful and stay close to one another. We'll meet back here. Good luck.

Everyone heads off to do their respective chores.

Ben: Mark, can I talk to you for a second?

Mark: What's up?

Clementine: What about me, Lee? What can I do?

Lee: I need you to stay here with Ben and watch over our command center. I'm putting you in charge of it, okay?

Clementine: You're leaving me with Ben?

Lee: I'm not leaving you with him. I'm leaving him with you. Understand?

Clementine: Oh, okay.

Ben: Look, Mark. There's something on my mind. I could use your opinion.

Mark: What is it?


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