The Wanderers is a main group and are the main antagonists in the second half of Volume 1 of The New Culture.




  • Wyant - Former Leader of The Wanderers; Killed by Nathan DeVries.
  • Clyde - Cult Member; Killed by Tucker Logano.
  • Ray - Cult Member; Killed by Raul.

Killed Victims

  • Numerous counts of zombies and survivors
  • Natalie Ward
  • Luigi (Caused)
  • Brody Tanner (Indirectly Caused)


  • Ray - Killed by Raul.
  • Numerous unnamed Wanderers - Killed by the Henderson Colony guards.
  • Clyde - Killed by Tucker Logano.
  • Wyant - Killed by Nathan DeVries.


Volume 1

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