Eric stands up, and walks to the window.

"We gotta get moving. Zombies are here."

Tommy looks at Eric.

"Why not fight against them/ We can't let them scare us. We need to fight and stand our grounds."

"Alright. There's a horde of them. I'm seeing at least a thousand. This is the right way, suicide isn't. Let's move. Tommy, good luck if you're staying."

"Fine, you're right. I'm ready."

Samuel, Andy, Tracy, Nate, Leon, and Aaron walks into the group's RV, and the group drives away.

As the group stops near a gas station 3 bandits confronts the group by shooting Aaron in the head.

Samuel pulls out his katana, and decapitates one of the bandits.

"An eye for an eye...."

One of the men stabs him in the chest with a knife, but the knife is stuck.

"You fuckers...."

Samuel grabs one of the two bandits, but faints to the ground.

The group flees to the RV.

"Bob, let's get Jason's corpse, and let's bury him."

"Alright, Carl."

As the group is about to drive away, Carl shoots the tire of the RV.

Tommy runs out, and shoots Bob in the head.

"Give up. You're surrounded, asshole."

Carl smirks at Eric and the group.

"You ain't at the end of this war....Andrewstone Community. We're here to execute you all for not letting my group bring terror. You all will die if you kill me. I dare you."

Carl starts laughing as his men comes out of the grass, armed with assault rifles and shotguns.

Nate looks at Eric.

"What's plan B?"


  • Aaron
  • Jason
  • Samuel
  • Bob

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