At the beginning of the apocalypse.

A man looks out his wife, and discovers that she is passed out.

He checks out the window again, and sees cannibals outside, and his wife tries to kill him.

"Get off me!!!"

A man breaks open the door, and the man's zombified wife.

"Hurry. Follow me. I'm a man that people calls me The General."

"What's going on? By the way, I'm Johnny. You killed my wife, Laura."

"She was a zombie. There's zombies. Come to my apartment. I have my own group."

5 months later.

Johnny walks to The General's Bodyguards.

"Tell him that I'm going to scout for survivors with Paul and Dwight to help increase the population of Dereal Safe-Zone."


Johnny and his scouting team drives to a tower, and climbs up it.

"Let's see what we can find."

He pulls out his binoculars, and discovers a small group building walls.

"Another community, huh?"

"Johnny, we shall ask who they are?"

"Nah. I'll ask."

The trio walks up to the survivors, who aims their shotguns at them.

"Who are you survivors?"

"We're Franklin Colony. I'm Franklin, the founder. These are James, Greg, Nathan, Brody, and Bobby. We're currently building another gathering post for our colony. We have about 200 survivors in it, mostly children and teens."

"I'm Johnny, and these two are Paul and Dwight. We're members of a community called Dereal Safe-Zone. We were looking for..."

Paul and Dwight shoots Franklin's guards in their heads.

"What the Fuck! We don't do this!"

"We conquer survivors! We don't have allies! Tell us your colony location!!!"

"10 miles to the east! Please don't kill me!!!"

Franklin flees, and Johnny stabs Paul in his head, and Dwight retreats to Dereal.

Johnny looks at the dead men in horror, and two survivors arrives in a truck.

"Who are you two?"

"We're Eric and Joseph. Join us. We're friendlies. Who's your group?"

"Dereal Safe-Zone. It's 2 miles to the south from here. The leader is called The General."

Eric looks at the tears on the survivors.

"I'll go to Franklin Colony to support them."

"We'll accompany you."

The three drives by, and spots Franklin laying on the ground.

"Get in!!!"

Franklin enters the truck.

"Why are you all helping me?"

"Johnny here told me and Joseph about Dereal attacking your men. We want to make a truce when we get to Franklin Colony."



  • Laura(Zombified)
  • James
  • Greg
  • Nathan
  • Brody
  • Bobby
  • Paul

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