The General breaks his window after hearing of Johnny's betrayal.

"I want that fucker and Franklin Colony dead for good!!!"

Dwight salutes to The General.

"Gather the army! We're gonna attack Franklin Colony!!!"

Franklin enters the colony with Eric, Joseph, and Johnny.

"Eric and Joseph, where is your base at?"

"The Prison."

"The Prison, huh? Do you have an army?"

"A small army with skilled members. Johnny here could be among them."

"I'm planning to head back to my hometown."

"At least help us. After that, then maybe."

Franklin walks to his guards.

"Have Raymond, Helen, Grant, Tony, Eugene, and Bill form up the army. We're at war. Defend is the main mission now."

"We have to get back to The Prison! See you all later."

"Good luck out there."

Ryan and Greyson scouts on one of the watchtowers, and discovers a few men vandalizing the fence.

Vernon and Emily runs towards the fence, and confronts the men, and discovers that they're Mitch's Gang.

They quickly kill the men.

"That was close."

Milo comes out of the woods, and shoots Vernon in the head, but Emily shoots him in his chest, mortally wounding.

Milo runs away, but zombies quickly devours him.

Joseph, Eric, and Johnny enters the prison, and discovers Vernon's corpse.

They hear screaming in the prison, discovering Nate carrying a bitten Stacy.

"Zombies broke in!!!"

Eric puts Stacy down, and the survivors enters the prison, and sees a zombified Steven, Patrick, and Will devouring Chris.

The survivors puts down the zombified survivors and Chris, and Johnny discovers some Dereal soldiers in the prison.

"They're here!!!"

Eric and his group shoots and kills the men.

"I know some of them. Owen and Tom. That's it."


  • Cory
  • Jacob
  • Marley
  • Vernon
  • Milo
  • Stacy
  • Steven(Zombified)
  • Patrick(Zombified)
  • Will(Zombified)
  • Chris
  • Owen
  • Tom
  • 6 Dereal Soldiers

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