Dwight looked down the main road, and spots Johnny with 2 men.

Dwight tries to kill Johnny, but kills one of the other men.


Johnny and Joseph hides in cover, and plants a trap for Dwight and the Dereal Army.

"Freddy and James, retreat with some of the men. Wayne and Jimmy, advance."

Freddy and James and their squad tries to retreat, but a group of survivors are shooting at them.

"Nathan and Edward, cover me!!!"

"Alright, Hank!!!"

Hank shoots Freddy in the head, and wounds Dwight, by shooting part of his face off, including his right ear and eyes.

Dwight runs in the woods with James while the rest of the army, including Wayne and Jimmy, is surrounded and devoured by zombies.

"James, let's abandon Dereal. We're on our own."

Johnny and Joseph arrives at Hank's Group.

"We're former member of Dereal. We betrayed them also. Let's go to Dereal to kill The General."

Joseph smirks.


The squad arrives at Dereal, and shoot at the remaining guards.

The General stabs himself with his pocket knife.

"My zombified.....self.....will kill......the....enemy.........."

The General dies, and reanimates.

As Nathan opens the door, a zombified The General fatally bites him in his neck, killing him.

Hank shoots the zombified The General in the head, and puts down Nathan.

"I'm going to rebuild Dereal into a civil community. Edward will be my right-hand man. Johnny can join back if he want or help out with your group."

"I'll stay with The Prison."


Joseph and Johnny arrives at the Prison, and sees Eric and Vlad holding Dwight and James hostage.

"They'll be prisoners for us now."

"The General is dead. Dereal has a better leader now, Hank."

Eric smiles.

"We're planning to leave next week, so if you want to head to your hometown, Johnny, go ahead."

"This group is my home now."

1 week later.

Eric and the group gets into the truck, and drives out of The Prison, seeing Arnold, Ryan, Greyson, and Nicholas staying at the prison.

"Dwight and James, if you both try anything, I mean anything, I'll personally kill you both and use you both as bait for zombies and wild animals, even fish."

Eric points his shotgun at the two men.


  • Logan
  • Freddy
  • Wayne
  • Jimmy
  • The General(Alive and Zombified)
  • Nathan
  • Several Dereal Soldiers

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