Eric woke up, and saw himself on the truck, which crashed, along with Joseph and Dwight.

"Where's the rest of the group?"

"Hannah and James died in the crash. The rest of the group ran away together. The supplies all were taken by them. The only weapons we got is a shotgun and two SMGs."

Joseph looks up, and sees an airplane flying down with damaged engines.

"Let's go check the plane after it crashes."

The trio gets up, and arrives at the crash site, finding only four survivors.

"Where are you four from?"

"We're from Haiti. We crashed the plane. There was only me, Rocco, and Sal, who aren't injured. Forest and Billy have bruised ankles. I see a useable van nearby."

Dwight and Sal gets into the van, and drives it to the rest of the survivors.

"I'm Eric, and these are two of my fellow group members, Dwight and Joseph."

"What happened to Dwight?"

"Someone shot him in the face. We need to get going before zombies get here!!!"

The group gets into the van, and drives away.


  • Hannah(Confirmed Fate)
  • James(Confirmed Fate)

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