Nate and the group runs into a mall, and barricades the main entrance.

"What are you all doing here? Don't worry. I allow strangers to come here, for me and my group to feed them food. We donate supplies."

Nate looks at his own group.

"I'm taking leadership. Johnny, can you check this whole with Anthony?"


Nate and the others distract the 3 mall survivors while Johnny and Anthony sneaks through the mall.

As the two arrives at the kitchen, they find 5 survivors chained to the wall, and a corpse being made into food.


Johnny spots 3 men going to the prisoners.

"Marcus, Lily, Kyle, Noah, and Alvin, your time is..."

Anthony decapitates the men, and releases the survivors.

"Join our group."

"Thank you both! Those men were Tavin, Ethan, and Riley. This enemy group is called The Murderers. Treyson, Ellen, and Bruce are left for us to kill. Let kill them!!!"

The survivors chases after the three enemies, and executes them.

"Nate, we need to find Eric, Joseph, Hannah, James, and Dwight. They might be in danger."


The group goes outside, and as they pack up supplies in three vans, Eric's group arrives, and the group is reunited.

"We have 4 new members. Hannah and James died in the crash."

"We have 5 new members. We took down a cannibal group called The Murderers."

The group resumes it's trip to DC.


  • Survivor(Corpse Only)
  • Tavin
  • Ethan
  • Riley
  • Treyson
  • Ellen
  • Bruce

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