The group looks inside of the police station, and finds it with beds.

"You all are able to stay the night. At morning, you all have to leave."

The group stays the night, and leaves the station before morning.

"That was nice to stay a night there. Peaceful nights like that would be perfect."

"I know, but safety is more important."

13 hours goes by, and the group finally makes it to DC.

The group reaches a road block, and the group has to continue the rest of the trip on foot.

The group unpack their supplies, and carries it in large backpacks and were equipped with assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and dual pistols.

"Everyone, stay quiet and don't be left behind."

As the group makes it to the central road, they spot another group.

"Hello, fellow survivors. We're looking for the White House. We want to find the truth."

"Same with us."

"I'm Alex, and my fellow crewmembers are Wendy, Samuel, Andrew, Calvin, and Gerard."

"How about we work together?"


The two groups walks down the road, and manages to spot the White, which is abandoned.

"We shall check the whole place out while we're at it."

The Group becomes suspicious of Alex's Crew, and slowly follows them.

"Why are you guys walking slowly? We're good survivors. We're..."

An armed survivor shoots Alex in the head.

Alex's crew tries to run away, but more armed survivors are shooting at them and the group.

The group manages to make their way into a house, and watches what's going on, which all of Alex's Crew are killed.

The group looks on the walls in the city, and realizes that there's a New Army in america that bases their beliefs in communism.

"Fuck....not communism. This is bad. We're all fucked..."

"I want out of.....

Rocco covers Emily's mouth to avoid the New Army to go after them.

The group spots a few zombies on the central road, but they're quickly taken down.

"Gather them for the attacks on the rebels like the large group that's on the loose."

Nate readies his sniper rifle on the commander.

"Nate, don't! We can't be spotted."

"Well, someone here need to sacrifice themselves so we all can live."

"Who's gonna do it then?"

Dwight raises his hands.

"I'll do suicide. I haven't fitted in with the group yet, so I'll do it."

Dwight slams open the door, and starts shooting at the soldiers, killing at least 9 of them, but unfortunately, he died from multiple gunshot wounds, having his lifeless corpse hit the ground like a lightning strike.

Eric and the rest of the group escapes from the house, and trespasses into the White House, and camps in it.

"Seems like they aren't using this place anymore."

The entrance is empty, and the group drops their supplies.

"We need to have this place be our base. We need more survivors to join us. It's time to plan for war."

The rest of the group stands in front of Eric, and salutes to him.

"Yes sir!!!"


  • Alex
  • Wendy
  • Samuel
  • Andrew
  • Calvin
  • Gerard
  • Dwight
  • 9 New Army Soldiers

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