Eric and Nate arrived at a supply package dropoff used by The New Army.

"We're there, Vlad. Is there any cameras working in the office complex where the soldiers are camping in?"

"Eric, there's 5 inside, 2 outside. I can hack into the inside cameras, but not the outside cameras. Sabotage the supplies, then use a silenced pistol to take out the cameras, then get into the complex, then plant the bombs in the 1st floor, then get to safety and blow that fucker up!!!"

"Alright. Thanks, Vlad. Roger Out!!!"

The two shoots out the cameras, and they quickly opened the door.

"Nate, sabotage the supplies. I'll listen to the meeting upstairs."

Eric plants the bomb, and sneaks upstairs.

"Captain Brewer, what's the plan?"

"Our plan is to find the infidels who are against the new orders...."

"The new orders.....I need to contact Vlad after this."

"......after we find their main leader, I'll instruct you, Cadets Wilson and Johnson, to kill them."

Eric runs out of the complex, and him along with Nate, and they ignite the bombs, blowing up the building, killing all of the Soldiers in it.

"How many soldiers, Vlad."

"45% of the New Army. The second leader was in it. Looks like there a whole army heading to your area. Get out of there!!!"

As the two tries to escape, they get caught by the New Army.

"Stop right there, citizens."

Nate stares at the commander.

"Who are you, commander asswipe."

"I'm simply just The Commander. You infidels will pay for what you've done, which is death..."

Nate slits The Commander's throats, killing him.

The New Army repeatedly shoots and kills Nate, while Eric is forced to escape.

"Good news, The Commander is dead. Bad news, Nate was executed."

Vlad stays silent, and silently cries.

"......just hurry, and get back to base, leader."


  • "Cadet" Wilson
  • "Cadet" Johnson
  • "Captain" Brewer
  • The Commander
  • Nate
  • Numerous New Army Soldiers

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