Eric arrives back at the White House, as the group are waiting in cover.

"The New Army is coming!!!"

The New Army waits outside of the White House, as the army, which has Eric's Group and The Militia combined together, readies their guns, and the final straw has begun, as the New Army quickly dies off, and the army wins the war.

The Militia leaves the White House.

"Why are you all leaving? I thought we all could be a community together."

"We're actually bandits, so we're neutral now, not allies, but not enemies. We're from Richmond, not DC. Hope to see you all soon."

Eric and Joseph are sad to see The Militia leave the group.

"At least we managed to win the war."

The Group moves into the Central Street, and begins to build a community.

5 weeks goes by, and the group population increases from 15 to 135 survivors.

Rocco and Emily kisses in the church, and leaves it to go to their house.

"I wish Melissa never betrayed me. This would've been me and her getting married. I'm glad we made it possible for them to get married."

Vlad walks to his house, and goes on his laptop, and shuts it down, and puts it in his backpack, and he walks outside of the community.

As Vlad leaves the group, Eric tries to stop him, but Vlad ignores him.

Eric reluctantly walks back into the community without Vlad.

Vlad walks to an abandoned bar, and spotted a gang in it.

"Give me your stuff!!!"

The men holds Vlad hostage.

"All I have is a laptop. I helped kill The New Army. I had supplies, but I chose to give up on living."

"Don't give up. suicide isn't the answer. How about you join us? We're planning to head to Maine."



  • Numerous New Army Soldiers

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