Eric looks at the amount of deaths in the last year, and decides to have a community meeting.

As he walks in, he's greeting by The Council(Johnny, Rocco, Sal, Emily, Lily, and Anthony)

"We're here to announce that we're all in a temporarily lockdown. The death/living toll went from 12 to 79. We've lost too many survivors to allow any to wander outside of these gate at all times. It's now forbidden to do so. Thank you all for listening."

The crowd begins to yell at the council.

"Solve the damn problems then, lazy asses!!!"

Eric and Joseph walks to the south gate, and discovers a bandit camp nearby.

"Eric, alert The Council!!!"

Joseph aims his sniper rifle at the bandit camp.

"That's strange. Nobody is there with the campfire."

As Joseph checks his scope again, a man with a burnt face sprays him in the face with pepper spray.

"Ryan and Bob, execute him!!!"

The two men threw Joseph over the wall, causing Joseph to get devoured by zombies.

"Terrence, how are we gonna..."

Terrence kicks Ryan and Bob into the zombies, and he jumps into the community.

Terrence puts his mask on.

As he secretly passes by the distracted survivors, he sneaks into a house, and discovers a couple sleeping.

Terrence slits the husband's throat, and tied the wife to the bed, and covers her mouth with an apple stuck in her mouth.

"Looks like you're gonna be dinner for your husband when he turns."

"Surrender or die, Psycho!!!"

Emily looks at Mark, who is pointing his gun at Terrence.

Terrence takes his mask off.

Mark becomes hesitant to shoot.


"How did you know, father."

Terrence stares violently at Mark, and then he decapitates his father.

Terrence escapes the house, and plans for tomorrow.

Eric and some other guards arrives in Rocco and Emily's room.


Eric releases Emily as Rocco reanimates.

"Oh shit!!!"

Johnny shoots the zombified Rocco in the head.

"Emily, do you know who did this?"

"Mark's son, Terrence."

One of the other guards puts Mark's head down, as Eric stares at the ground.

"This might a revenge plotted by Terrence and a few members here. I'm no longer trust anyone here, even you both, Emily and Johnny. I need to keep myself safe. The Council will now be disbanded. I'm taking over again now."

Johnny stares at himself, and whispers to himself.

"Hopefully, me and my squad don't get caught with Terrence."

As Eric leaves the house, Johnny stares at Emily, and then he chokes her to death.

The two guards aims their rifles at Johnny, but Terrence comes out of the secret room, and he decapitates them.

"Nice job almost ruining the plan, Johnny."

Eric walks up a survivor.

"Denny, tell Lou and Marshall to guard my house while I sleep."

"Alright, mister."


  • 79 Central DC Community Survivors(Confirmed Fate)
  • Joseph
  • Ryan
  • Bob
  • Rocco(Alive and Zombified)
  • Mark
  • Emily
  • 2 Central DC Community Survivors

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