Eric looks at one of the soldiers, and uses him as a shield.

"Everyone, let us go. We've left the community for good. We're not with them anymore. We don't want trouble, and so do all of you."

Five soldiers drops their weapons, as Carl and the rest aims at the rest of Eric's group.

"We'll allow all but two of you to leave. The two will be used to force ourselves into Andrewstone..."

"Boss, we need to stop your madness. Charlie and Fred died because of it, so did Bob and Jason. Stop!"

"Shut it, Bill."

Bill shoots Carl in the head.

Bill walks up to his fellow members.

"We should join up with them. Even though we were at war because of Carl. We can change things now. Let's have allegiance with Eric and his group. Teamwork is better than terror. Both are realities, but teamwork achieves goals."

Bill and his fellow members drives up to Eric's Group with their armored trucks and military trucks.

"Eric, we got these from an abandoned military base and a garage."

Eric and his group accompany with 3 others in the 2nd vehicle.

"I'm Henry, and these others are Frank and Willis. We're sorry for your losses. Carl was a bad man from the beginning. He was my estranged father. He was abusive toward me and my mother."

Nate looks at Frank and Willis with suspicion, and aims his gun at them.

"Drop the gun!"

Eric looks as Frank and Willis tries to kill him.


Nate manages to kill Willis and Frank, but realizes that he accidently killed the driver, Andy.

"We're gonna crash!!!"

The truck crashes into a tree.

Eric looks, and sees a zombified Tracy, and puts her down.

"We need to run away! Hurry!!!"

Eric and the rest escapes from the burning truck.

Leon looks at his arm, and reveals that he was bitten.

Eric looks at the infection on it, and checks his body for more bites, and finds a deep scratch mark on his face.

"I'm so sorry."

"Please don't. I'm feeling fine. I'm good. Give me a chance to prove so. I'm useful."

"Scratches kills people. If you want to live, I must ties you to a tree to prevent you to roam, therefore, I'm doing it."

Eric shoots Leon in the head.

"Let's get going. We need to find Bill and co."

Nate and Henry looks at the wreck in horror.


  • Charlie(Confirmed Fate)
  • Fred(Confirmed Fate)
  • Carl
  • Frank
  • Willis
  • Andy
  • Tracy(Alive and Zombified)
  • Leon

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