Eric looked at the death toll chart, which had Forest, Billy, Marcus, Kyle, Noah, and Alvin in it.

"I can't believe this massacre is happening. My right-hand men, Nate, Joseph, Dwight......dead. My trust with my group/community.........gone. I'm gonna find the terrorists, and I'm gonna execute them, and burn their corpses."

Eric looks to see who walked in, and sees Lily bleeding to death.


Lily died in Eric's arms, and Eric puts her down.

Sal walked in with Lou and Marshall.

"Johnny is among the terrorists. He tried to kill Anthony, but I've managed to kill him. Terrence and Denny are dead also. The last terrorist is still at large."

Lou shoots Sal in the head, and shoots at Eric, but Marshall blocked the shot, losing his life.

Eric shoots Lou in the head.

Eric walks to his van, and leaves the community.

Anthony gathers the remaining survivors of the community for a community meeting.

"I'm taking control of the community after Eric left it an hour ago. The lockdown is over, with more deaths added to the death toll. The terrorists are finally killed."

4 days later.

Eric drives back to The Prison

"The group is dead?"

"Only Anthony is left alive in DC, and Vlad deserted the group."

Nicholas mourns over Mark's death.

"I'm gonna miss him so much more now. He was my best friend."

Nicholas walks to his cell room, and begins to cry.

"At least I'm back here now."

"Is Anthony alone."

"He's leading a community now."

"Dereal and Franklin soldiers are visiting here tomorrow."


  • Forest(Confirmed Fate)
  • Billy(Confirmed Fate)
  • Marcus(Confirmed Fate)
  • Kyle(Confirmed Fate)
  • Noah(Confirmed Fate)
  • Alvin(Confirmed Fate)
  • Lily
  • Johnny(Confirmed Fate)
  • Terrence(Confirmed Fate)
  • Denny(Confirmed Fate)
  • Sal
  • Marshall
  • Lou

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