Arnold waits at the gates with Eric, as Franklin and his guards arrives.

"Welcome back, Franklin! Eric is back!!!"

"Eric, how was your trip?"

"Everyone but 2 members died. 1 stayed behind, and 1 deserted the group."

"How about Johnny and Joseph?"

"Both dead."

Franklin and his men walks into the prison.

"This place could be useable for my community. Maybe us and Dereal combine and stay here. We're moving to here. Eric and Arnold, maybe you both could gather the last of the supplies there after everyone leaves there."

2 hours goes by, and Eric and Arnold arrives at the newly abandoned Franklin Colony.

"We need to check the whole area."

As the two checks the prison area, they spot zombified survivors devouring a horse.

"Let's lock this place up."

The two locked the prison area, and the two leaves the abandoned colony for the dead to roam it.

As the two gets into their car, Dereal soldiers loots them.

"Since Hank and Edward has been executed for being too kind, I'm their new leader, Ross. Maxwell is my right hand man. Give me all of your supplies or you'll....."

Arnold punches Ross in the face, but Maxwell shoots Arnold in the head.

Eric drives away.

As Eric arrives back at The Prison, Dereal soldiers executes the whole Franklin Colony along with Eric's fellow group members.

Eric drives away from The Prison, leaving his own supplies, and only having his stuff consist of his 3 packages of Beef Jerky, his dual pistol, his bible, his diary, his shotgun, and his 2 assault rifles and 3 SMGs.

"I'm good for a while."


  • Arnold
  • Nicholas
  • Ryan
  • Greyson
  • Franklin
  • Raymond
  • Helen
  • Grant
  • Tony
  • Eugene
  • Bill
  • Numerous Franklin Colony Survivors

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