Vlad walks into the building with fellow gang members, and the gang shoots at the survivors in their heads, which causes Vlad to stare in shock.

"Why are we doing this? They're survivors!!!"

"We're a gang! Pick up your gun or I'll..."

Vlad tackles Barry, and beats him to death.

"Vlad, you're making a death wish right now!!!"

"You wish, John."

As John aims his gun at Vlad, Eric came in, and decapitates John.

"Vlad, come with me. We're heading to the western US, maybe Area 51."

"Why did you save me?"

"I need an ally. Anthony is the only other member alive. The Militia is with Anthony outside. Come On!!!"

Vlad follows Eric outside.


  • Barry
  • John
  • Several Survivors

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