Eric and the others drove through the fence with their vehicle that they have gotten from the New Army, and made it to Area 51.

"Everyone, stay alert. Enemies are everywhere here."

As Vlad and Anthony runs for cover, an Area 51 guard shoots Anthony in his arm.

"I've been shot!!!"

Vlad checks his wound.

"You're fine. It went through."

Mason and Carson looks, and sees 3 of their men killed.

"Dammit, not Timmons, Grant, and Simon!!!"

Carson spots a guard on the only machine gun turrent, and shoots him in the head.

"Everyone, move in."

Eric spots a scientist, and he grabs him, and kicks him in the face.

"Sir, you better tell me what caused this zombie apocalypse or I swear that I'll burn you alive."

"Please don't kill me...."

The scientist cries.

"I'll tell you. It was caused by......"

A guard shoots the scientist in the head.


  • Timmons
  • Grant
  • Simon
  • Maxwell
  • Numerous Area 51 Guards

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