"I wouldn't let Maxwell tell you, citizen. We were being private about our involvement. We released the virus by accidnt. After Las Vegas was the first city to fall, we decided to spread it instead of helping. I'm Clive, and you're gonna die from my strength."

"I've taken down a major enemy before. I can take a sole paramiltary terrorist down."

Eric pulls out his grenade, and throws it into Clive's package, managing to kill him.

As Eric sits on the ground while staring at Clive's corpse, Anthony taps on his shoulder.

"The Militia are leaving in a few minutes. Vlad and I are waiting for you for a trip to another area."

"Go with them. I'll be fine."

Vlad grabs Anthony's arm.

"We should go before it's too late."

The Militia drives away as several Area 51 survivors surrounds Eric, Vlad, and Anthony.

"You three are under prisonment here. Get inside or you all will be execute now!!!"

Anthony grabs one of the men, and uses him as a human shield, and Eric and Vlad kills the other guards.

"Get off me!!!"

Vlad spots a zombie on top of a guard, and shoots the zombie in the head.

"Thanks.....Wait a minute..."

"The two of you either choose to come with us or you both can leave from here without anything."

"We've been prisoners here. We thought that the three of you were Area 51 Guards. We're sorry."

"No problem. How about we rebuild here, and use it as a base?"

"How about you three surrender to us?"

The Dereal Army arrives, with The Militia's supplies.

"They've surrendered, how about you five do so?"

"We'll be prisoners instead."


The guards tosses Mason, Carson, and the rest of The Militia towards Eric's group.

"You all are prisoners!!!"

Ross stares at Eric, and the remaining members of Dereal enters the compound.

Eric walks with the rest of the group towards the cafeteria, and they sit together.

"Here's the plan. We need to escape or they'll kill us eventually. They'll torture us. I've dealt with their original leaders before Ross took over. The first was evil, the second was my friend. I'll avenge Hank one day....also, they're fucking with the wrong people."

The group looks at Eric with confidence.

Maxwell and 3 guards arrives.

"This place is called Carlton Colony, not Dereal. We've gained another Colony to our group. There's only me, Ross, and three others who are Dereal members. I never wanted to help Ross kill Hank. The three other Dereal members are with me. Ross has execute most of us. I'll tell you news about his plans. We'll do it."

"Be cautious about Carlton Colony. There's an ally to another group called The Killers."

"I need to confess to everyone about something. I know what's needed to cure this virus."


Aaron hands Maxwell and Francis his notes.

"I can never turn."

Eric stares at Aaron.

"You lied to me! You said..."

"I'm a part of FEMA and the CDC, not Area 51. They captured me and my 4 friends. They were killed, and I became their pawn and first prisoner."

Eric looks as Maxwell, Francis, and their guards leaves the survivors to decide of the plan.

"Let's do it."


  • Clive
  • Andrew
  • Liev
  • Torin
  • Arvo
  • Tanis
  • Leeroy
  • Several Militia soldiers
  • 4 FEMA Soldiers(Confirmed Fate)

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