Ross walks up to the prisoners, and walks in front of them.

"Welcome to Day 1. I'm expecting you all to calmly allow me to introduce the new leaders, which is the council."

"I had that before..."

The guards begins the beat Eric with lead pipe, but Anthony grabs one of the guards, and breaks his neck.

Maxwell becomes shocked after this, and shoots in the air.

"Stop, everyone. We shall...."

"I'm still your boss."

"Not anymore."

Vlad stabs Ross in his stomach, fatally wounding him.

Ross tries to run away, but Eric grabs Ross, and shoots him in the head.

"Maxwell, what's next."

"We're fleeing from here. Since, Boyd and Clancy alerted the rest of Carlton Colony. We need to leave, now!!!"

The group makes it to the garage, and finds three soldiers guards all of the vehicles.

"Behind you..."

Maxwell decapitates one of the two guards, and Vlad shoots the two others.

"We're using only one. The rest of the vehicles, we'll destroy."

"We are going choose that truck."

Eric realizes the truck is his original main truck.

"That was my main truck."

"From Carl's Gang?"


The Group drives away, and they spot a bandit group.

"Those, my friends, are The Killers."

The group stares at The Killers.

The group drives into the abandoned house, and camps in it.

"This will be our main location."

"Where's Anthony and Danny?"

The group realizes that the two survivors were missing.

Anthony and Danny wakes up, in a cage.

"Welcome, survivors, to the Hideout. We're The Killers."

Anthony faints.


  • Ross
  • 4 Carlton Guards

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