Eric checks outside for The Killer, but find none of them coming except for 3 of them searching the area with their dogs.

"Check out the Walmart Store. They might be in..."

Eric snipes one of the men in the head, and quickly kills the dogs.

"Who is there?"

Melissa shoots and kills the men from behind.


Melissa walks back into the Walmart Store.

"This will be the beginning of our plan. We'll sneak in there, kill a few of them, and sneak back out, simple. Melissa, you'll show me where the base is, right?"

"Yeah. Let's go before my thoughts of killing you comes back. Same with you, Vlad."

Vlad gives Melissa an evil stare as she leave the store.

"I never liked that bitch."

Melissa and Eric makes it to The Hideout.

"I'm sneak in first. Hopefully, this could rebuild our love towards each other."

"After you tried to kill me before along with Lia, I doubt it, forcing one of the two other women to help yourself, and let them suffer. I don't play fucking games anymore. You try one thing against my group, then you'll be having yourself die early. I dare you to try to kill me!!!"

Melissa sneaks into The Hideout, and Eric follows her.

"We'll come closer to the leader, since he's the new leader. He's Sebastian, a ruthless psychopathic leader that'll be beheaded by my machete. After that, his corpse will become bait for the zombies, and the rest of The Killers.....I don't give any shit towards them. They either live or die. The old leader had a whore sleeping with him all the time. I secretly joined up with a small group of 9 survivors. They all die from The Killers, and I want to avenge them. Maybe after I kill Sebastian, maybe your group tries to move towards California, since there's lots of survivors taking refuge there from Alaska and Northern Canada to southern part of South America. But they all could be killed or it's a rumor that isn't true. I'll be taking control of The Killers, and I'll execute The council of Carlton Colony. Maybe.....maybe not."'

"We should go before we get caught."


  • 3 Killers
  • Few Dogs
  • Doug(Confirmed Fate)
  • Trisha(Confirmed Fate)
  • Tyreese(Confirmed Fate)
  • Owen(Confirmed Fate)
  • Noah(Confirmed Fate)
  • Mikey(Confirmed Fate)
  • Ross(Confirmed Fate)
  • Tony(Confirmed Fate)
  • Scott(Confirmed Fate)

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