Eric and Melissa sneaks into the infirmary, and saw 7 injured Killers.

Melissa is about to put them down, but Eric stops her.

"We shall capture them. Tomorrow, we'll start assassinating some Killers."

Melissa and Eric sneaks the injured Killers out of The Hideout.

"What are you both gonna do to us?"

"Why are you all injured?"

"Sebastian, our leader, forced his main guards to attack us for failing a supply run."

Eric looks at the men in sadness.

"We'll take him down. Melissa here will lead after Sebastian is dead."

"Thank You...We're not bad people. It's the rulers of this community. Sebastian is the council Carlton is The Killers."

Eric looks at Melissa.

"Well, can you get some others out of there who are against Sebastian?"

"They'll tell Sebastian. Maybe, we should head to your base. Trust me, I'm against the rule. I'm Donald."

"Alright. Melissa, bring them back to Walmart. Don't kill them. i'm counting on you."

Vlad walks towards the 9 survivors.

"What the fuck is this?"

"They're gonna help us. First, they need to heal. They're with us!"


Vlad argues with Eric.

"Go with Melissa!!!"

Eric sneaks back into The Hideout, but Alice catches him.

"Shut up!!!"

"Who are you?"

"None of your business! Where's Sebastian?"

"Who are you? I won't tell...."

"I'm here to overthrow him by doing my plan. I'm Eric, I'm from Chicago. I'm 37, turned it last week."

"I'm Alice, the nurse. Where's the 7 men?"

"They've joined my group for a while. They'll be back when Sebastian is overthrown."

"He's in the meeting room. He has 3 guards...."

"Who's this, Alice."

A muscular man stands in the doorway.

"Alvin, don't hurt him!!!"

"So, you're Anthony and Danny's boss, Eric. I've found out by Boyd. Since Melissa recently killed Leeroy, which was last night. It's time for you to..."

As Alvin walks towards Eric, Alice slits his throat, and kills him.

"Go before someone..."

Guards shoots at Eric, but kills Alice.

Eric runs towards the meeting room, but Sebastian knocks Eric out.

Vlad notices the gunfire, and breaks through the main gate, and kills 5 guards, including Boyd.

Vlad runs towards Eric, but Sebastian aims his rifle at him. Melissa and the others enters through the main gate to aid Vlad.

"Sebastian, it's time to stop. Your terror is over. You were always the boss over Willard. I learn that you bossed him around. Your terror is over. I've stand against..."

One of the guards shoots Donald in the head, but killed by Sebastian.

"I've realized that..."

Eric wakes up, and shoots Sebastian in his leg, wounding him.


The rest of The Killers arrives as backup.

"We're here to help!!!"

The survivors carries Sebastian into the meeting room, and kills the guard in it.

"Sebastian, you'll be my prisoner for now on!!!"

"Don't kill me."

Melissa walks outside.

"Melissa, lower your rifle. Mason and Otis will snipe you."

"Lower your guns, Sal and others. Sebastian, your leader, has surrendered. I'm your leader. No more terror on each other. We'll all be treated equal for now on."

The Killers lowers theirs gun, and Melissa and the Killers drives away from the Hideout, marking the end of The Killers' terror.

The Killers rebels joins up with Melissa, and Eric's group moves on to their trip to investigate California.

"Let's hope that the rumor is true. Maybe, California is zombie-free and/or an country of it's own."

"Hopefully it's ain't like The New Army when we arrived in DC with our group before we were called The Militia. Jeremy and Roy, who were our supply runners, were murdered by them."

Carson looks down, and quietly cries.

Aaron looks at Sebastian, who was sleeping.

"Eric, why are we keeping him alive?"

"Remember Dwight? That's why."

"Dwight had a change in heart. He wasn't a leader. Sebastian was, and haven't had a change of heart. You'll either kill him or me and most of the others are leaving the group.

Aaron, Maxwell and his crew, and the remaining Militia soldiers left the truck, leaving Eric, Vlad, and Sebastian in the truck to return to DC.

Vlad returns to driving the truck, and Sebastian reanimates, and tries to attack Eric.

"Shit! He turned!!!"

Eric shoots the zombified Sebastian in the head.

"How about..."

"Let them leave us. They'll beg to come with us later on. We'll be better with the two of us to watch over each other. Even though I really don't know you that well, I'll be glad to call you my brother."

Eric and Vlad shakes hands.

The two makes it into California, and finds a huge horde of zombies in the inner city of LA.

"Well, we shall check out the outer parts, the outskirts. That school looks like there's survivors there."

"We sneak into it."

"Drop your weapons!!!"

The two sees 6 men aiming their rifles at them.

"Who are you all?"

"We're the Outskirts Bandits. I'm Salazar, the leader. There's Timothy, Reedus, Moe, Maverick, and Foley.


  • Leeroy(Confirmed Fate)
  • Alvin
  • Alice
  • Boyd
  • Mel
  • Jeremy(Confirmed Fate)
  • Roy(Confirmed Fate)
  • Sebastian(Alive and Zombified)
  • Several Killers

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