The Bandits looted the truck, as the school survivors arrives.

"What going on...."

Salazar and his fellow bandits shoots at the survivors.

Eric and Vlad runs to their secretly stashed guns, and started shooting at the bandits, killing 4 of them.

Salazar shoots Vlad in the head, and then he kicks Eric in the face, forcing him to be knock out.

The school survivors kills Salazar and his last member.

The survivors spots Eric, and carries him back to the school.

"Survivor, it's time to wake up. I'm Will, one of the men that..."

Will realizes that Eric is actually in a coma.

"I'm sorry..."

A survivor stops Will from putting Eric down.

"The same thing happened with you before. Let's do the same with this survivor."

"Alright, Campbell"

Will drops his gun, and walks out of the room.


  • Timothy
  • Reedus
  • Moe
  • Maverick
  • Vlad
  • Foley
  • Salazar

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