Bill looks at the others.

"We all need to stop. Eric's truck is missing."

"Leave them. They're worthless. We need to attack Andrewstone."

"Alex, if you disobey me, I'll kill you myself."

Alex stops the truck, and exits it along with Bill and others.

"Where do we start searching?"


Bill points at the woods.

"Max and David, stay here with me. Raymond, Stacy, Mac, Jordan, Steven, and Logan, go with Alex."

Alex enters the woods with his squad.

Bill looks as the other trucks arrives.

"Bill, where's the first 2 trucks?"

"Eric's went missing into the woods, most likely crashing. The first had it's engine perminantly destroyed, and the members in it joined this truck, including Alex. Corbin and Chase, do you have any search parties?"

"Nope. We're camping here for now. If Eric's squad isn't found, they you'll have to assumed leadership of us."

Alex walks to the crash, and sees Leon's corpse outside of it, and searches inside of it, finding four corpses.

"No signs of...."

A mysterious survivor jumps out of his covers, and decapitates Jordan and Raymond.


Stacy and Steven runs farther into the woods.

Alex shoots Mac in his legs, and takes his weapons.

"Kill him, not me!!!"

The survivor stabs Mac in the head, and chases after Alex, killing him.

Eric and his group arrives, and knocks out the masked survivor and saving Logan.

They took off the mask to reveal who it is.

"Female Caucasian. Name is...."

Tommy checks her card.

"Melissa. Has a group of three. Other members, Ryan and Greyson."

Eric looks at Melissa, and she wakes up, choking Eric.

"Get off him!!!"

Nate and Logan aims their guns at Melissa.

"Stop, Melissa. I don't want to hurt you."

"Logan, she nearly killed you."

"I would never hurt Logan."

Logan realizes that Melissa is his estranged twin sister.

"I forgive you, sister."

Melissa hugs Logan.

Nate tries to shoot Melisssa, but Tommy punches him in the face.

"Eric, what are we doing with Nate, since he caused the crash and he murdered Henry."

"We're exiling him."

Nate flees from the others.

"We're keeping Melissa with the group."

The group returns to the rest.

"The others are dead except for Stacy, Steven, and Nate, who ran away. Alex betrayed the group. He tortured this woman, Melissa."

Tommy looks at Eric.

"Why are you lying?"

"I never trusted Alex."

The group gets into Bill's truck, and the group continues it's trip.


  • Jordan
  • Raymond
  • Mac
  • Alex
  • Henry(Confirmed fate)

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