Melissa looks at Eric, and looks where she's at.

"You don't need to worry. I'm watching over you."

Melissa leans her head on Eric's shoulder.

"Do you have a wife or girlfriend?"

"Melissa, why are you asking me this?"

"Let's say that I have a crush on you."

Eric looks at Melissa, and kisses her.

"Stop that shit! We need to worry about bandits, not love."

Melissa smirks at Eric.

Eric realizes that love is potential again.

Bill walks to the driver, David.

"What's up with the road block?"

"The bridge is destroyed. We shall go on the highway."

"Good idea. So bandits can attack us easier. At least we have machine gun turrets."

Tommy checks the other trucks, and still sees the same 23 trucks as before.

"We should have at least 13 trucks be on their own without gas and supplies. We need to have everyone in 10 trucks, not 23."

"Good idea."

The plan goes as planned.

The group drives on the highway, and sees a group of survivors.


The 3 survivors are on a RV rooftop.

"We need to help them."


Logan, Tommy and three others arrives near the survivors.

"Logan and Chase, stay here. Kyle and Hannah, follow me."

Tommy, Kyle, and Hannah manages to rescue the survivors, but realizes that they're marauders.

One of the marauders grabs Hannah, and kills Kyle.

Tommy tries to save Hannah, but zombies surrounds and kills him.

Logan and Chase tries to look, but finds a whole horde of zombies coming.


Zombies manages to bite the two, only killing Chase.

The group resumes it's trip.

Eric cuts Logan's leg off, causing him to faint.

"Bill, watch over him."


  • Kyle
  • Tommy
  • Chase

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