Bill looked to his right, and sees a survivor sleeping in his bed.

"Thomas, put him down. No witnesses."

As Thomas enters the room, the survivor wakes up, and silently kills Thomas.

The survivor shuts the door, and checks his wallet for his stash of sleeping pills.

"I'll always be the amazing man named Mario."

Mario exits the room.

Bill grabs Mario, and tries to choke him.

"You're fucked, survivor."

" are."

A zombified Thomas bites into Bill's neck, killing him.

Eric investigates the attack, and shoots Mario in the chest.


Eric finishes his kill by shooting Mario in the head, and proceeds to put Thomas and Bill down.

"Curtis? Evan?"

Eric realized that they're gone.

Eric and Melissa exits the house, and sees the community and the trucks destroyed except for 1 truck, with no one in it.

A survivor runs to the two, and falls to the ground.

"Reed, what's going on?"

"Zombies attacked the vehicles. The Andrewstone army sabotages our vehicles except for this truck. The rest of the group is either missing or dead, which is the same with the soldiers. I don't want to die, but I'm dying."

Reed shows his bite, and Melissa put him down.

"Melissa, let's get the hell out of here!"

The two survivors drove away.

As the two drives, they spot a used Military Checkpoint with supplies in it.

As the two enters the base, they spots four armed survivors.

"Who the hell are you two?"

The men speaks to Eric and Melissa in a Russian accent.

"Who are you all? I'm Eric, and this is Melissa."

"I'm Joseph, and these are Roy, Vlad, and Bernard. We're from Alaska. This is Indiana, right?"


Roy and Bernard checks on the pet zombies.

"They're for camouflaging with the zombies. They're very useful. Trust me. This was the only way how we made it to here."

Eric walks to Joseph.

"Eric, I know you might've been through a lot, but I need you to do a mission. Vlad is our radioman. He found out about a group of survivors in the nearest town. Can you do it?"


"No need to use the vehicle. Use of the 'pets'."


Several days goes by, as the group increases from 6 to 12.

Eric looks at the chart of the survivors.

"This isn't enough for my trip to DC."


  • Thomas
  • Bill
  • Mario
  • Several Survivors

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