Eric and the survivors drives into the abandoned Andrewstone Community, and gathers up supplies.

As Eric picks up a shotgun, he spotted a zombified Tony, Toby, and Frank.

He puts them down, and spots some survivors.

He realizes that they're his former members.

They walk outside, and aim their guns at Eric and his new group.

"You left us behind. Even though we're mad at you, we'll go with you."

As the men walks near the truck, they aim their guns at Eric's new group, but Melissa decapitates 5 of them.

Eric walks up to the last of the men, and executes them.

The group leaves the ruins of Andrewstone Community, and heads for DC.

5 days goes by as the group arrives in Ohio.

"We need to pause the trip. I'm glad we have a goal, but why DC?"

"To find out what cause this apocalypse. Simple. DC is the mission. We find out what caused this, we help the introduction of the cure. Problem solved."

Vernon sits back down.

Lia looks at Melissa, and sits next to her.

"Which person are you with?"

"Eric, the leader."

"Trust me, his leadership ain't worth it. Try to kill him, and you'll be able to claim leadership."

"That's a great idea."

The group walks into a small apartment, and spots a group of survivors in it.

"Welcome! We're Wilsonville. Walk through the back doors, and you'll be in our community."

"We're looking to stay in this apartment for a day or two, then we're heading to DC."

"DC? We're planning to head there after we get 3 more survivors, how about we join your group."

"I don't trust strangers."

"Fair enough. Milo, set it up."

The survivors starts shooting at the group, killing Bernard, Ben, and Chuck.

"Get in cover!!!"

Eric shoots the leader in his head, and the group gets into the truck, and drives away.

"Never trust strangers, ever!!!"

Melissa walks to Eric, and aims her katana at his head, but Vlad shoots her in the head, wounding her.

Lia grabs Vlad, and tries to kill him, but Arnold shoots her in the head.


  • Tony(Zombified)
  • Toby-(Andrewstone Community)(Zombified)
  • Frank(Zombified)
  • Max
  • David
  • Evan
  • Curtis
  • Eddy
  • Marshall
  • Patrick
  • Morgan
  • Toby-(Carl'sArmy)
  • Bernard
  • Chuck
  • Ben
  • Mitch
  • Lia

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