Eric looks outside, and saw a horde of zombie coming after the group.

"Let's find a place to camp for a while. The trip will be on pause."

Vlad sets up his communication center in the truck, while the group discovers a prison.

"This looks like a place we can camp in. Let's move the truck in."

The group drives into the prison, and parks it near the entrance.

The marauders from before waits at the gate entrance while the group enters the prison.

"Hey asshole, listen to me or they die."

Eric sees the man holding some survivors hostage.

"Let them go or you all will regret it."

"Let's end this!!!"

The marauders shoots at the group, and the hostages runs to the prison walls for cover.

Roy gets shot in the head, but survives.

Eric shoots one of the men in their neck, killing him.

Vlad pulls out his pistol, and forces the remaining mauraders to surrender, including the leader.

"You're messing with the wrong...."

Joseph smashes the marauder's head with his rifle, and brings the remaining man to the prison entrance, and locks his in a small prison cell.

"Hope you change before we leave here in a few months. If you change, you're a member of the group. If not, you'll starve to death, and we'll use you as bait."

The man panics, and cries.

The hostages walks to the cafeteria, and sit down on the chairs.

Eric and Joseph carries Roy to an empty to check on him.

"Dammit, he's dead."

Eric puts down Roy, and the two joins up with the group, but discovers the kitchen full of former prisoners.

"Holy shit....Hey! Get us out of here!!!"

Eric and Joseph stares at the prisoners.

"You all friendly?"

"Most of us are. I'm Mark, a former prisoner. We know what's going on. Zombies, huh? Hate them. We've been locked in here for three days. The guards abandoned us, or if they're behind you both."

The two checks behind them, discovering the guards.


Vlad and Nate enters the room, and kills the guards.

"Eric, welcome to the new me. I'm guessing that the army is dead, right?"


Vlad hears the radio making noises.

"We got company!!!"

Vlad turns on the radio, and hears someone crying.


The line shuts down after zombies kills the survivor, and Vlad worries.

"I think they're dead."


  • Jack
  • John
  • Roy
  • Several Prison Guards
  • Radio Survivor

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