Hi bros,there are somethings you should know and stuff XD

Cold Winter

1) Nathan DeVries

ok,why did Nathan died like that? becouse i respect his privecy and i get why he dont want pepole make him a character (he agrees but he is not happy with it) i respect him so i killed him in the show since i think i will do a break from making him a character.

2)Jake Larrson

telling you the truth,im finishing the show,i dont have ideas but im not going to scrap it,im going to wait a few days to let you guys vote his fate,and the end is based on that choice,right now he is on Determinant status.

3) Everybody dying

as i said,i killed all the characters i dont know what to do with

4) Two Endings?

if most of you vote,Jake will stay on determinant status and there will be two ends on every choice

The Bikers Way

1) Nathan DeVries

again,he will not be a character unless he is fine with it 

if i make a character it will be based on the New Life Nathan.


most chances there will be no choices.

When The Dead Start walking

1) The Ending

i had no idea what to do and i didnt want to scrap it so i made the story end awesome and not lame

About Me

  1. My name is Abir Jacob "Jake" Arbel
  2. i am 13 years old

The End

good bye :) 

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