Decay's Reboot

Hello everyone this is I Afterlife34 making a blog about my story Decay and it's reboot;so right now I'm not very happy about the plot about Decay so I decided to make a reboot following the original draft along with some changes.


The story will take place in two locations in the start, Los Angeles and Las Vegas;Thomas' story will be the same, having one daughter, a brother, and a dead wife;other characters will include Jason and Grant Brooks and their friends who visited Las Vegas for vacation from Miami;Victoria Grimes an arising actress with a friend Laura Miller a stripper who works for money;and Daniel Evans' family who live in Los Angeles, Daniel works as a doctor who is the first one of all the characters to see the infection, Daniel has family trouble as his 13 year old son Liam causes trouble, and that Daniel had an affair with a former collouge of his which causes a fight between Daniel and Miranda;then finally we'll follow the Russian Mafia which controls most parts of Las Vegas, and we'll see their problems with the Triads a chinese gang that control other parts of Vegas, and the Sons of Anarchy Nevada Chapter that will fight against the Russians.

Decay will have a reboot sometime this month(April)and the first issue won't be released until the start of summer(June)

Though some of these changes won't make it into the final cut

Your Help

If you want to help you can help me by making some characters I can use in the story.

  • Name:(You don't have to do the full name, but it will help if they did)
  • Date of Birth:(the story's timeline starts on September 5, 2015)
  • Occupation:(before and after the apocalypse)
  • Family: (inculde ages, if alive/unknown/deceased, you may also create these characters)
  • Status: 
  • Personality: (brief description)
  • Alignment: (good, netural or bad)
  • Backstory: (as much detail as you want)
  • Extra Information:


Okay that concludes my blog, so if you want to add some characters to my decay reboot you can. So it will be a while till the release so read Apocalyptic Disaster or another story so as anyways good bye mates! 

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