Sup? Yes, yes I'm back. If there's anybody on this website that have put up with my laziness these past couple of months and are still reading The Regular Dead, then you might have noticed that I posted two new chapters of the story and completed episode three. Sorry to keep you all waiting. To make it up to you, I've decided to throw you all a bone and give you a month of release for episode four. Sometime in July. I don't have an exact release date, but expect the first chapter of episode 4 in July. I'll try to update at a faster pace. I can't make any promises though because I'm that type of person that'll get sidetracked with other things and forget to update. Hopefully I won't be so slow on the updates for episodes four and five.

That leads me to the next topic. My unannounced hiatus. Sorry for just disappearing like that. Maybe you guys don't really give a shit, but there might be others out there that are pissed off at me for leaving them hanging for so long. As said above, I'm very scatterbrained. I'll say that I'll do one thing, but I'll get sidetracked and not even remember to do the task I said I'd do. Next time, I'll announce that I'll be on hiatus instead of just disappearing into thin air. That was pretty rude of me and I apologize. I'm back and I'll do the best I can to stay back. Until next time, peace out dudes!

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