Alright, so I'm posting this blog to lay out a few announcements regarding my story. Here they are:

Chapter 7: I've got no clue when I'm posting the seventh chapter of The Regular Dead. Since the season finale of The Walking Dead is gonna be available to download as of tomorrow, I'm gonna be playing that, and then do some work on a private story of mine, depending on what my mood is like after the finale, so the release date for the seventh chapter is to be announced. After this chapter, there will be one more chapter in A New Day, and then I'll be finished with that part of the story.

Starved For Help: Since I'm still working on A New Day, I haven't gotten to thinking about a release date for the first chapter of Starved For Help, but rest assure you, I'm gonna do the best I can.

Reader Requests: I've gotten a request from a reader regarding my story. Bad news. My story IS already finished, but with editing and article making, the chapters are gonna take a lot longer to release, and I apologize in advance to any readers who's requests on how the story should go aren't met. Some people will get their requests met, only because I've already gotten the story written down, and some people would want something to happen that is actually gonna happen in the story.

Reviewing: Feel free to review this story. I've got a rule that needs to be met when it comes to reviewing my story: No trolling! I can't stress that enough. If you don't like my work, send me a friendly criticism, and stop reading. Anyone who trolls will have a warning sent to them, and if the trolling continues, that person will be blocked. I don't wanna sound like the bad guy, but as an admin, I've gotta keep things in line. The aforementioned friendly criticism like "Look, I've read your work, and I'm not satisfied. Here's the reasons why I don't like your story:" That's just an example, but you know what I mean. Examples of trolling include something like "Your story is gay. Stop writing already." or "Kill yourself cause your story sucks so bad."

Well, that's all for now. If you have any questions or just something to say, leave a comment in the comment box below. Peace out, dudes!

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