Nathan walks to the armory with Nathan III. "You'll need to learn to survive, and a gun will help you live. I've taught you the basics, and now you'll learn to use a gun." Nathan says to Nathan III.

Survivors within the DeVries Community walks to their jobs as Ryan and Nathan Jr arrives at a fist fight as several people are watching it.

Bobby begins to make out with with another as Serena catches him cheating on her.

Jack runs towards the gate alongside others as zombies closes in on them.

A zombie tackles Benji to the ground. "Help me!!!" Benji yells for help.

Several men storms a house as two children hides under their beds.

Jack is dragged home by Joshua.

"Don't ignore me!!!" Noah yells at Nathan as Nathan walks away from the conference table.

Nathan III aims his pistol at a disguised survivor.

Zombies begins to devour two survivors outside of the DeVries Community.

Ryan and Liam Jr arrives at the New League Caravan Safe-Lands.

Nathan breaks the bathroom mirror.

Nathan Jr is held at gunpoint by Sophia. "You're just gonna be a dead man walking, Junior."

Bobby is slapped in the face by Serena.

Dana kisses Nathan.

A herd of zombies marches through the DeVries Community as the survivors hides in their homes..

Nathan tackles Noah out of a window.

Nathan Jr cries as he sees his son falling to the ground after being shot. "No!!!" Nathan Jr yells for his son.

Noah stands over Nathan. "I hope your community dies after you die." Noah says to Nathan.

Sophia cries in a cell.

Nathan III and other survivors faces against the Westlington Colony guards head on in the woods as zombies are attracted to the sound.

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