Hello Everyone. This is TWDFan630. I'm confirming despite a cure has been made in the 1st story, another zombie virus overruns the current cure, and destroys it. It'll follow Nathan and several others 5 years after the aftermath of the series finale of Chasing The Truth. Nathan will be a lot more different than the reader had heard about his character. Jack Waynes won't return, as he was finally killed in the series finale, but will be mentioned several times. Nathan is now a recruiter for a new community near Pheonix, Arizona. Several big characters, such as Hughes Lincoln, Abraham Rossi, Heath Greene, and Josh Kirkman, won't make an appearances. Natalie, Nathan's daughter, won't appear, as she got kidnapped by an organized gang somewhere between Peterson Safe-Zone and Pheonix Border Colony. Nathan discovers that his son, Nathan Jr, is confirmed to be alive and living with his sons, Nathan III and Jack.

Confirmed Characters

  • Nathan DeVries, recruiter for the Pheonix Border Colony. The Main Protagonist. Father of Nathan Jr and grandfather of Nathan III.
  • Nathan DeVries Jr, leader of the DeVries Community currently residing somewhere in Mexico. Son of Nathan and father of Nathan III.
  • Nathan DeVries III, one of many children in the DeVries Community. Son of Nathan Jr and grandson of Nathan.
  • Sebastian Ronnings, Nathan's oldest adoptive son. Older brother of Justin. One of the newest guards for the colony.
  • Justin Ronnings, Nathan's youngest adoptive son. Younger brother of Justin. One of the students in the colony's school.
  • Jeremy Kenway, Nathan's friend and personal bodyguard.
  • The Governor, The leader of the colony. A dictator that's willing to kill his own people to benefit himself.
  • Diego Morroco, The leader of a bandit group called The Coyotes. The 1st main antagonist.

Any comments would be apreciated. It won't start in a long time, as I'll need to finish my current stories.

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