Daniel looks at his family photo as he grabs his assault rifle. He tosses the picture into the nearby fireplace, and watches it as it burns.

Daniel sits down in Carson's house, who begins filming Daniel. "What do you call your group?" Carson asks Daniel. "We're a family. You mess up, and we'll try to help you. Betray us, and there'll be a punishment. You kill, you die. Self-defense is an exception to the rule." Daniel answers to Carson.

Stewie marches his men towards the Dereal Colony. "Kill them all!!!" Stewie yells at his fellow soldiers.

Johnathan and the other heavy armor guards begins to clear out the nearby city of Chicago.

Carlton and his fellow gang members begins to shoot at Treyson and his fellow guards. "Shoot to kill!!!" Wesley yells at the others.

Angela and Nathan begins to shoot at several zombies as they remain on top of an RV. "There's too many of them." Angela says to Nathan.

A man screams for the others as he gets devoured by zombies.

"Go!!!" Chase yells for the others as he shoots at several MacRoy soldiers.

Stewie looks in the mirror as he takes off his eyepatch. "I shall rule the world after our enemies falls." Stewie says to himself.

Nathan carries a wounded Angela to a small house, and placing her on the couch before getting knocked out by a masked woman.

Lia gets pushed to the ground by Carlton just before Bidwell, Lewis, Morris, and Carley turns on him. "We aren't rapists, Carlton." Lewis says to Carlton.

The leader of the Dereal Colony meets up with Daniel and Sterling. "I'm Archer Glenns. Welcome to the Dereal Colony." Archer says to the two.

Chris looks as the survivors within the safe-zone becomes more sadden by the current situations.

"We all must not let the morale get down! We need new leadership!!!" Susan yells at the others.

Devin looks as Wesley starts to run after him, and he pulls out his gun as a gunshot is heard.

"There's Danger, and there's the dead. It's the Danger Of The Dead that we have to worry for." Ramirez says to Dwight.

A small group of fast survivors begins to place multiple time bombs across the Chicago area as several dead survivors are seen near the Reed Safe-Zone with Emily hiding under one of the corpses. "Help me..." Emily says to Carson via walkie talkie. One of the survivors grabs Emily, and takes her away, which the walkie talkie is broken from the impact of fall.

Angela wakes up, and sees a scar on Nathan's face as the masked woman kisses Angela. "You people should've died. You'll know who I am once you'll see your dreams crumble. We are all meant to live wild, not in society. Choose to live free like me or I'll keep you both as a part of my group's sex slavery." The woman says to Angela. Nathan stares at Angela.

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